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Oscar Motuloh: Now “Empu Ageng”


IO – Senior photographer Oscar Motuloh has received the Empu Ageng title in journalistic photography from Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI) Yogyakarta after delivering his dissertation speech titled “Circus of Journalism from News Compromisers to One Word: Oppose!”. In his presentation, he retells his experiences in journalistic photography. 

The award of the Empu Ageng title to Oscar Motuloh was given in an open senate trial in Concert Hall ISI Yogyakarta, Sewon, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Wednesday 18 September. 

“This title is a gift which is actually a form of special respect for journalistic photography and Indonesian photography in general,” said Oscar, the Director of the Antara Journalistic Photo Gallery. 

The Empu Agung title is equivalent to an honorary degree. The title is a maestro achievement title in the highest and most prestigious arts competence in ISI Yogyakarta. 

“If Honorary degrees are more emphasized towards academic achievement, Empu Ageng is more towards competence in the arts,” said ISI Yogyakarta Rector Prof. Agus Burhan as quoted by Antara. 

“Seeing his creativity in journalistic photography, Oscar is known for his phenomenal aesthetic achievements,” said Agus. 

Soeprapto Soedjono, his dissertation supervisor, added that the awarding was proper as Oscar helped the establishment of the Antara Journalistic Photo Gallery in 1992. “GFJA was the first photo gallery established in Southeast Asia,” he said. 

In his speech, Oscar explained the history of journalist and photography, including in Indonesia. He then spoke of his early career in journalism, which he stated was an accident. 

“I came into journalism by accident. I saw a job vacancy ad in Kompas newspaper during one evening, when hanging out with friends,” said Oscar. 

Oscar decided to apply for the job. During his journey, Oscar realized that it was Antara which had put the ad in the newspaper. After going through a tight selection process, Oscar was accepted. 

Oscar’s hard work and dedication paid off. Congratulations, Empu Ageng Oscar Motuloh. (rp)


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