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ONIC ESPORTS brings new vision, energy, and hope to the development of Indonesian eSports


IO, Jakarta – ONIC eSports professional electronic sports team officially announces the change of logo as a representation of vision and new energy for the growth of the eSports Indonesia ecosystem. This logo change is also a manifestation of ONIC eSports’ ongoing spirit in having a positive impact and at the same time inspiring the younger generation to continue pursuing their dreams. On this occasion, ONIC eSports also announces a synergistic collaboration with investors and sponsors carrying a major mission, making eSports in Indonesia a benchmark in the eSports industry in Southeast Asia.

Since its formation in 2018, ONIC eSports has become a platform for the best young talents who have dreams of becoming professional gamers. ONIC eSports Managing Director Chandra Wijaya revealed that in addition to making achievements to become the best team in Southeast Asia, ONIC eSports is dedicated to playing an active role in igniting the glowing hopes of young people to continue to pursue their dreams. “We not only want to be known as a winner in various tournaments but also can provide a new perspective that is positive and influential for the lives of young people in Indonesia,” he said.

The mission of taking the Indonesian eSports industry to a higher level was warmly welcomed by various parties. Carey Ticoalu, a representative from Agaeti Venture Capital, explained that the support we provided to ONIC eSports was in line with their vision. “We are for not only investing but also having a positive social impact on stakeholders and the people of Indonesia in general. eSports, like other conventional sports, creates career opportunities for high-achieving athletes and also supports fans to achieve their common goals. Overseas, eSports is one of the fast-growing industries with viewership constantly increasing, “he said.

Lim Kusuma, Senior Marketing Manager of DANA said that eSports Valuation as a new industry with a broad ecosystem and the potential for digital economy empowerment is promising. “To optimize its growth, the eSports industry needs the support of a variety of infrastructure that can support its products, including infrastructure such as DANA that enables each part of the ecosystem to be interconnected and empowered through economic activities undertaken. DANA’s support for ONIC eSports is support for the advancement of the country’s eSports industry which is expected to be the key to the glory of Indonesia as the world’s largest digital economic power starting in 2035, “he added.

The new energy of ONIC eSports is also displayed in the logo by Hannu Koskinen, a gaming artist from Finland. “The inspiration for ONIC eSports uses a hedgehog mascot based on an interesting philosophy, which is that although it is small, it has a sharp thorn weapon that can injure large predators. In this new logo, ONIC eSports hedgehog stands in a position ready to attack, as a symbol of ONIC eSports energy in facing all challenges and tournaments to become the best team in Indonesia, “he said.

“Our hope, the new logo and cooperation that we announced today will continue to encourage ONIC eSports to develop and make positive changes, especially in player training so that they have the best ability and can make achievements in various eSports tournaments at national and international levels. On this occasion, we also want to thank all the ONIC eSports supporters who motivated us to continue to strive to become a new glow of hope for the growth of eSports in Indonesia, “concluded Chandra.

Going forward, ONIC eSports will continue to participate in various national and international tournaments. One of them is competing in the Mobile Legends Pro League (MPL) Season 4 which will begin in Jakarta on the 23rd of August. In this fourth season, ONIC eSports will play Udil, Sasa, Drian, Psychoo, Antimage, and Trust as players who will face other teams in defending the MPL title from the previous season. In line with its new energy, ONIC eSports also runs a charity program “Dare to Dream”, a pre-season friendly match in which all of its income will be donated to the Young Generation Care Foundation which focuses on informal education for children.


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