One stop living at Veranda Hotel Pakubuwono

Visitors can use the hotel lobby for meetings or work while enjoying the hotel’s free wifi. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – Business hotels with particular design characters still promise positive opportunities for the city of Jakarta. The proof, a new hotel located in Pakubuwono, South Jakarta was inaugurated using the name Veranda Hotel. This hotel promises a different experience as a reaction to market shifts and patterns of behavior change from customers. Strategically located in the heart of South Jakarta which is close to the central business district of Pakubu­wono and surrounded by shopping centers to pamper lifestyles, Veranda Hotel provides 184 rooms with three types of room variants including, ‘Deluxe’, ‘Grand Deluxe’ and ‘Execu­tive’. Different experiences are poured through a different concept by carry­ing out a hotel building by adding a garden area which can be used as a location for a garden party or corpo­rate event outing.

As a 4-star hotel, Veranda Pa­kubuwono hotel has several facili­ties for visitors who stay at this hotel such as pool, gym and spa facilities. All the facilities provided by the hotel management are devoted to pamper­ing the visitors who stay here. As a hotel that pampers visitors by carry­ing the concept of one stop living, Ve­randa hotel also provides two restau­rants that visitors can choose to enjoy special food. For breakfast, you can choose Wyl’s Kitchen as a restaurant that you can choose to enjoy your meal. For the menu, it provides inter­national breakfast that highlights two variants of the American breakfast and Japanese breakfast menu, and there is also the choice of national breakfast or you could say breakfast with a few menu choices which typi­cal of Indonesia.

Besides Wyl’s Kitchen, Veranda also has other restaurants that high­light Japanese specialties. Wabaru is present at Veranda because the hotel segment is visited by expatriates from Japan. But not only that when seen by most of the visitors who attended were mostly from Indonesian busi­nessmen, and also some expatriates from Europe, America and China.

Located in the central business district of Jakarta, Veranda is often used as a place for weddings every weekend. For the wedding party Ve­randa took Wyl’s kitchen to support the party event needed by the cus­tomer. To maintain relationships with Veranda customers also has several promos that are always presented every week. For this October Veran­da provides a special discount of Rp. 741,000.00 for visitors staying with individual walkin. This price is only a deluxe room and does not get break­fast facilities.

Different experiences are poured through the unique interior of the hotel and can portray elegance, ec­centricity, freedom and luxury. The decor mix gives a unique impression to this hotel. As a hotel in the center of South Jakarta business district, if you want to spend time and rest if you are on a business visit in Jakarta this is the perfect place. Not only to stay, but you can also visit Veranda hotel when you want to have a meet­ing with a colleague. (Aldo)

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