Ombudsman RI suspects Quarantine Agency maladministration in FMD outbreak

Ombudsman RI
Ombudsman RI held a press conference on allegation of maladministration in the handling of Indonesia’s FMD outbreak. (Source: Ombudsman)

“From May 6 to June 10, that’s quite a long period of time. There are allegations of negligence by the veterinary authorities, considering that FMD virus bioinformatics report should have been completed no later than May 16,” Yeka said.

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It is estimated that the outbreak has made cattle farmers suffered a loss of about Rp788.81 billion. Ombudsman RI is of the view that future mitigation and handling need to be further improved considering further potential losses that continues to increase every day.

“Ombudsman also plans to increase its supervision in this case, but still appreciates the Agriculture Ministry and the FMD Task Force who have worked hard in handling and controlling FMD in the last three months,” concluded Yeka. (rr)