Offer authentic taste, Seoul Yummy adds outlets in Indonesia

Seoul Yummy presents itself as a Korean restaurant that prioritizes traditional cuisine with a touch of modernity. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – Recently, various food menus from South Korea are being loved by food lovers in Indonesia. Starting from traditional to modern menus have their respective enthusiasts. If you are interested in tasting Korean specialties, you can visit Seoul Yummy Jakarta. This is the third outlet located in Puri Indah Mall, West Jakarta. Its presence in the prestigious mall area in West Jakarta can provide a unique and carefree dining experience filled with a sense of family. Entering this restaurant, you can feel the atmosphere like in Seoul. That is because, the decoration of this restaurant is filled with authentic Korean culture. On the walls, you will see bright colors inspired by traditional Korean clothing, Hanbok. Entering the dining room on the other side, you will see rocks forming a high pillar. This pillar is used as a wishing lock inspired by Namsan Tower. Visitors can also buy keys that are attached to the wishing lock pillar and write the desired expectations.

On some of the walls, you will also see illustrated frames of photographs of Korean artists. Not only that, while you are in this restaurant you will also be spoiled with K-Pop music and video clips. This restaurant, will give you a comfortable atmosphere when eating traditional Korean dishes with a more modern style.

Founded by Korean couple Frank Lau and Laura Kim in 2008, Seoul Yummy inspired the excitement of South Korea’s cultural city center by presenting a stylish and high-tech spirit smartly, but still respecting the colorful tradition through unique interior decorations. In Singapore, Seoul Yummy can be found in 7 strategic locations, for example in Bugis +, Causeway Point, and ION Orchard. In Jakarta, Seoul Yummy can be found at Kemang Village, Pondok Indah Mall, and Puri Indah Mall.

Dubbed as a classic traditional Korean cuisine with a modern twist, Seoul Yummy has won several prestigious awards in Singapore, including The Best Chain Restaurant at the Singapore Restaurant Association in Singapore in 2016, and The Most Promising Brand Award from ASME (Association of Small and Medium Enterprises Singapore) in 2015.

Frank Lau, Co-Founder & CEO, Seoul Yummy, said, “We are very pleased to be able to introduce our products and brands to Indonesian families from all walks of life. We are grateful for the warm welcome for the first two outlets, and for us, this is the right time to open another store in West Jakarta where we have never been before. Our commitment remains to constantly enhance Seoul’s modern taste through our friendly service to our customers. Each store is designed with an integrated customer dining experience in our minds, a destination that will bring continuous visual and sonic experiences through the excitement of the color of the walls, enchanting spotlights, an atmosphere of comfort, and delightful Top 40 K-Pop music in the background.”

This Singaporean man said his wife is from Korea. The parents of his wife, Laura Kim, work as chefs who inherit authentic Korean recipes. The taste of Ginseng Country cuisine can also be found in other menus, both beef, chicken and seafood dishes.

“Our number one best-selling menu is our featured menu which we named Army Stew, also known as Budae Jjigae – a classic Korean staple food. Our other star menu is K-Drama Gold Pot Ramyun called Legend of the Sea. In addition, we have Cheese Pots which are rich in flavor, color, ingredients and flavor. In addition, we also offer a series of warm soups that are suitable for the rainy and cold nights. “Seoul Yummy is committed to being the only culinary destination chosen by customers who have Korean food tastes and value-added products,” added Laura Kim, Co-Founder, Seoul Yummy.

If you are interested in tasting the Korean menu, the Independent Observer recommends this restaurant as a place for you to enjoy authentic South Korean menus along with your family or colleagues. (Aldo)