NOAH x YOVIE AND HIS FRIENDS: 10 years of brilliant shows

(photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – We can call it “Project X” or “Project Ten”. The meaning of the sentence is the same, namely a 10-year trip that consistently provides music entertainment around the country. Always special, different, full of creative and innovative ideas. The brilliant 10-year heyday of total dedication by Berlian Entertainment. This year also runs a decade “10 Years of Brilliant Shows”. Ten years is indeed not a short time, but time goes fast. In ten years, hundreds of events have been organized by Berlian Entertainment. Local and International concerts such as Justin Bieber, Janet Jackson, David Foster & Friends, NKOTBSB, and many other music festivals and events.
A colorful journey of the Decade, starting with shows such as ‘Kahitna – Love Story’, ‘Yovie and His Friends’, ‘Kahitna – Love Festival’, ‘Kahitna, Yovie & His Friends – Inspiration of Love’, ‘The Former Most Beautiful Film’, ‘NOAH – Born to make History’, ‘Noah – Silent Concert’, ‘Noah – Unnamed Concert’, NOAH “Beginning” the movie and many other projects. And finally came this year to present a special project on its 10th Anniversary, and it’s called ‘Project X’ a #ProjecteXtraOrdinary.
Project X is a celebration of eXtra Ordinary from Berlian Entertainment, the performers are selected from the best shows by showing NOAH and Yovie & His Friends.
Project X with NOAH, one of the best bands in Indonesia NOAH will perform differently from its previous shows. For Project X that also coincides with the launch of its last album, NOAH will perform its newest songs exclusively for Project X.
Project X with Yovie & His Friends, no doubt Yovie Widianto will bring along talented musician friends for his performance. Such as Mario Ginanjar, Arsy Widianto, Randy Pandugo, Rizky Febian, Teddy Aditya, Brisia Jodie, Audrey, and Lalahuta. The stage concept by maestro Yovie Widianto is certainly out of the box.
Dino Hamid as Project & Creative Director of Berlian Entertainment expressed his gratitude for the support of the entire team so far. “Endless dedication for producing Project X until this year. Certainly, it is not an easy thing for us to keep providing consistent artistic creativity. Our achievements are the work of the special Berlian Entertainment team. Hopefully, Project X’s shows can make history in the country. And of course, we will not stop here: in the next ten years we will still provide entertainment that is always awaited and accepted by the people of Indonesia. Thank you also for the enthusiasm of concert lovers towards “Project X”. The first phase of ticket sales has been sold out in less than 24 hours. At present we have opened the next phase of ticket sales at a normal price and with limited capacity, consisting of 6 classes ranging from IDR 250,000 to IDR 2,500,000,” he said.
On the same occasion, Dino Hamid said that in this 10-year journey they have also continued to work and be happy with many parties. Valuable clients, sponsors, media and many others. Those who are known to have made spectacular shows with Yovie and His Friends and Noah. Together with them, we have had many “awesome” experiences, “said Dino.
Together with Yovie Widianto, there have been more than 12 special concert events that have been awaited and ‘sold out’. The programs are always packed with different concepts. Starting with the format ‘Yovie And His Friends’, the format of ‘David Foster and Friends’ concert, the format of a collection of ‘Short Stories’ towards the ’25 Years of Love Story’ concert. Not only stopping there, but there is also a concert event that involves international acts as supporting performers featuring ‘IRREPLACEABLE’, and the event ‘Anniversary’ that becomes an important momentum at a ‘LOVE FESTIVAL’. Then it continues to premiere the concept of ‘Live Scoring’, the world’s first for the film ‘Former Most Beautiful’ the Movie – a film whose story is based on songs by Yovie. Up until the story of Yovie Widianto’s separation from Yovie & Nuno; all these became the creative concepts for the shows.
Various special projects for NOAH have also been done that may not be able to be repeated, even by ourselves. The instrumental concert “NO NAME”, NOAH Concert in 5 Countries 2 Continents in 1 day, 10 cities concert tour, Reunion Concert, Silent Concert which closed with a large Concert at MEIS Ancol which was successfully sold out. To make the first ‘Rockumentary’ project on the big screen in Indonesia, with the title ‘A Beginning’
“The achievements of a decade by Berlian Entertainment is a milestone that we have pioneered with maximum effort. We are still walking and learning to provide the best in the world of entertainment. Ten years and still counting,” explained Dino.
“In the decade-long celebration of “Project X” on 28 September 2019 at Istora Senayan, we want to celebrate this with the all-black dress for the male audience and all-red dress for females,” concluded Dino Hamid.