Wednesday, September 27, 2023 | 05:37 WIB

No longer commanding public trust, Amien Rais asks Luhut to step down


Ummah Party chairman of advisory council Amien Rais. (Source: voa-islam)

In a statement delivered at the Ummah Party’s first anniversary celebration on Sunday (17/4), Amien concurred with PDI-P politician Masinton Pasaribu who called Luhut the culprit behind recent controversies. Luhut, in his view, is too “narcissistic” for a state official.

Amien said that if Luhut does not resign, he would advise President Jokowi to dismiss him. The senior political figure viewed that Luhut’s presence has become a burden on the state.

“If Pak Luhut is stubborn, stuck in his narcissistic megalomania streak, Pak Jokowi should fire him. Luhut is no longer an asset to the nation, but has turned into a liability,” he said. (un)


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