Nippon Paint Brings Color to Kampung Kali Code 1001 Jetisharjo in Support of Cultural and Green Tourism

Nippon Paint
Photo: Priv.Doc.

IO – Enjoying the calming sensation on the banks of the Code River is now a part of Yogyakarta’s tourist attractions. The ancient river boasts a historical significance as one of the passages for lava flow from Mount Merapi, one of the world’s most active volcanoes. The 42-meter river also splits Yogyakarta into two, East and West, and serves as its icon. 

Learning how riverside areas in major cities of countries like Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, and Thailand could become well-cared public spaces has inspired Totok Pratopo, leader of Pamerti Code—a cultural group dedicated to the river’s preservation—to duplicate the feat. 

To that end, Kampung Kali Code 1001 Jetisharjo develops the “Jelajah Kampung” (Exploring Kampung) Eco-tourism concept. Here, university students are welcome to learn about community-based river management, including the issues of trash, waste, and the use of riverbank for settlements. In addition, tourists can also try a three-kilometer trek from Kewek to Jetisharjo. 

Nippon Paint also supports the endeavor through its “Warnai Kehidupan” CSR program, with the donation of 1,554 liters of Brilliant White 1001 and True Blue NP PB 1534D products, enough to cover an area of 12,600 square meters or about 150 houses. 

Regarding the program, Nippon Paint Area Sales Manager Topan Wijaksono says, “the ‘White-Blue’ program at Kali Code 1001 Jetisharjo is part of the vision outlined in the ‘Warnai Kehidupan’ CSR program, which aims to boost growth in socio-economically challenged sectors.” 

Topan adds that the revitalization is expected to boost the economic potential of the ecotourism village, providing residents with a new source of income, and turn the Kampung Kali Code 1001 Jetisharjo into an attractive, Instagrammable, iconic cultural destination. 

Similarly, Totok says, “We hope the use of White-Blue combination as the iconic color of Kampung Kali Code 1001 Jetisharjo will be able to attract many visitors. Moreover, the two colors can bring new energy to the locals.” 

Yogyakarta Tourism Service head Wahyu Hendratmoko states that Yogyakarta boasts a variety of tourist attractions, whether cultural, historical, educational, culinary or even shopping, which can also be found in tourist villages. 

“Cokrodiningratan is one of the tourist villages with a development centered around the Code River. With Nippon Paint’s welcome support through its paint donations, the residents are able to beautify the area and make it more appealing. We hope that if attractive tourist villages continue to emerge, they may serve as alternative destinations that will lengthen tourists’ stay in Yogyakarta,” says Wahyu. 

Wahyu further expresses the hope for Nippon Paint to support more villages. These include Kampung Kotabaru and Jogoyudan, also around Code River. The support will boost the Kotabaru tourism area (Suroto-Sudirman) and reduce congestion around Malioboro. 

Speaking on the occasion, Yogyakarta Deputy Mayor Drs. Heroe Poerwadi states that settlements around the banks of Code River have a considerable potential to benefit the people around them. 

“Yogyakarta’s city government continues to encourage the people to benefit economically from the uniqueness of Kampung 1001 Kali Code Jetisharjo. Therefore, we’re open to collaborating with the private sector to popularize the Jetisharjo tourist village among the public,” Poerwadi says. 

Among the Nippon Paint products used in Kali Code 1001 Jetisharjo revitalization are Nippon Weatherbond, Bee Brand 1000, Nippon Matex Cat Genteng, Nippon Elastex, and Nippon Vinilex. Nippon Paint Indonesia Central Java Regional Sales Manager Marsellino Najoan has also pledged support for Kampung Kali Code 1001 Jetisharji and the Yogyakarta provincial government to develop the culturally rich and eco-minded village further. 

Heroe and Wahyu both have expressed gratitude for Nippon Paint Indonesia, saying, “On behalf of the Yogyakarta government, we would like to thank Nippon Paint Indonesia for helping to revitalize Kampung Kali Code 1001 Jetisharjo, a move which will boost tourism and the economic well-being of its 720 residents. We hope that this effort will strengthen its potential and put it on the list of tourists coming to Yogyakarta.”