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New revelation: police said a member of a family found dead in W. Jakarta may have been dead since May


Jakarta, IO – This new twist to the still mysterious case was revealed by Jakarta Metro Police Director of General Crimes Investigation Chief Commissioner Hengki Haryadi on Tuesday (22/11), reported Liputan6.

The puzzling case started when the neighbourhood chief smelled a foul odor from inside a house in Kalideres, West Jakarta, on Thursday (11/11) at around 6 p.m. WIB. Four people were found dead in a desiccated state: Rudyanto, Reni (Rudyanto’s wife), Dian (Rudyanto’s daughter) and Budiyanto (Rudyanto’s brother-in-law).

According to the accounts of three new witnesses, Budiyanto wanted to pawn the certificate of his house to a savings and loan cooperative. He intended to sell the house through an agent and immediately handed over the original certificate of the house. After the agent found the prospective cooperative, he invited the two employees of the cooperative to the house on Friday (13/05).

After they got there, the witnesses were stunned by the pungent stench coming from inside the house. They asked Budiyanto about the smell, to which he replied that it was just the smell of sewage that had not been cleaned.


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