(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – After being successful at the end of August in Jakarta with the New Live! Experience, a show with the theme Drive-in Concert, now New Live! Experience will again present a different musical performance concept. It’s Another Brilliant Show: “New Live! Experience– Sound for Plants” #KonserUntukTanamanDanManusiaYangMencintainya and #SuaraUntukMakhlukLainnya a special show from Berlian Entertainment which will be specially made for all those who wish to participate in the event ded- icated to flora lovers, in a “Sound For Plants” event.

Until now, we have always created entertainment and music purposes only for humans, without realizing that we can also include the natural environment around us as part of an inseparable component: this is part of an ecological system between living things and their environment or relationships. reciprocal needs. An Ecosystem.

In the last few decades, many re- searchers have researched the sound effect on plant growth. Studies have applied a variety of sounds, including music, to appraise their effect on various plants, as well as the notion that music can have a positive effect on humans. One of the technologies used to seeing the effect of sound and music on plants is the “Sonic Bloom Sound Technology” application, which uses technology to see the effect of the sound produced or the music emitted through certain frequen- cy sound waves that can affect plant growth. We can understand how rhythm or vibrations of music cannot only be en- joyed and accepted by humans, but can also be sensed by plants. Berlian Enter- tainment would therefore like to invite all environmental and plant lovers to par- ticipate in this special concert, a music concert for plants and people who love them, ”Sound For Plants.”

The special event will later feature exciting performances from Indonesia’s top musicians to entertain all audienc- es who want to participate in ‘HYBRID.’ Why we call the show a Hybrid show? Dino Hamid as Creator of New Live! Berlian Entertainment’s experience and CEO revealed the New Live! Experience “Sound For Plants” is indeed a HYBRID format concert event, because it will be divided into two different audiences: for the on-ground (offline) event venue, all the audiences will only consist of vari- ous types of plants that have been sent in by all spectators who will participate and those who have sent their plants can only watch this exciting concert virtually at their respective homes. In other words, the New Live! Experience – Sound for Plants is special and different in that the entire audience is a collection of plants donated by all audiences who care about the environment. “With the HYBRID for- mat, everyone who has participated by donating their plants can also watch this exciting show virtually from home. So even in a pandemic like today, we are still able to do positive things while enjoying entertainment safely and comfortably,” he said.

Imagine if this show would later be held in the open air with a beautiful land- scape and natural setting and moun- tains for Plants and Humans who love them. Are you willing to be a part of this“Sound For Plants” event?