Neutrality of the Election committee are in question

Haris Azhar (second from right) “The electoral system in Indonesia is good, but unfortunately there are still many involved in the system that work based on their personal interest.” (photo: IO/D. Ramdani)

IO, Jakarta – With many indications of fraud in the 2019 Election that seemed to be overlooked by the election organizers, namely the KPU (General Elections Commission), Bawaslu (Election Supervisory Agency) and Panwaslu (Election Supervisory Committee), the public questiones the neutrality of these Agencies.

The latest news is the election organizers seem to be ignoring the discovery of many voting cards that has been cheated and casted on before the election begins by the incumbent candidates in Malaysia.  Many numbers of Indonesian citizens abroad who have not voted in several countries demand a repeat vote.

Haris Azhar, The Founder of Lokataru Indonesia, strongly said that for the election organizers have to maintain neutrality during the election. According to Azhar,
the electoral system in Indonesia is good, but unfortunately there are still many involved in the system that work based on their personal interest.

“Do give a biased impression. For the good name of the election committee, they should work with good ethics and professionalism. Moreover, on the voting day the election organizer must monitor the election closely starting from the Regency, District and also in the Central level. This is because the sense of public trust in the election organizers is starting to decrease, ” said Azhar in a discussion entitled ‘Neutrality in election committees for a Quality Elections’ in Cikini, Jakarta, Thursday (11/04/2019).

The Executive Director of the Association for Elections and Democracy, Titi Anggraini, said that the most problematic and questioning issue is regarding the adhoc (1-Day Administrators) organizers including the Sub-District Election Committee (PPK), Voting Committee (PPS), and Voting Organizers Group (KPPS). “Their existence is only for the sake of the election to run credibly,” She explained.

Titi also highlighted the frequent post-election dispute that could tarnish democracy itself. “When there is a dispute over the presidential election, there is a legal mechanism through the Bawaslu, but it must be equipped with various evidences and valid arguments. We strongly encourage that Bawaslu and those who handle electoral disputes can work professionally and with integrity, ” She added.

In a separate event, Indonesian Voter Committee Coordinator, Jeirry Sumampow highlighted the vulnerable prone points of the simultaneous elections in 2019. Especially many indicators are showing possible fraudulent act in this year’s simultaneous elections. According to Jeirry, the committee should maximize their work and fairly submit the results to the public.

“It is better to concentrate on violations regarding the results, especially things related to voting, there is a tendency to claim a violation after the election day. But the problems that are the violations are often regarding in the process of the elections itself and not about the final results of the election. It must be endeavored that when the dispute over the election results is carried out, the Election Supervisors also participates in the dispute hearing. So don’t ever expect to find the Election Supervisor not attending the hearing, because if that happens then this institution will be increasingly considered not important. The greatest potential for fraud or violations is in the stages of vote recapitulation, especially at the sub-district & regency level, ” explained Jeirry on Ayo Nyoblos, Ayo Pantau! event In Menteng, Jakarta (04/15/2019).

To Minimizing the act of fraud and cheating, #AyoNyoblos Movement #AyoPantau # KawalPilpres2019 provides mobile application platform for the 2019 Presidential Election where the public can report the results of the C1 plano form at each polling station. This seems to be one of good alternative ways for people who are questioning the results of many surveys institutes and Quick Counts from partisan survey institutions.

“For the sake of a neutral and integrity election result, the public can report the C1 Plenary form through the Pilpres Kawal micro-platform by downloading and register via the PesanKita application on google play or play store.  After that, you can send the the C1 Plano form reports which can be used as strong evidence if there is an indication of fraud and cheating, “said Lina Tjindra, spokesperson for Ayo Nyoblos, Ayo Pantau!. (D. Ramdani)