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Netizens Support Protest Rejecting Papua Forest Clearance for Oil Palm Plantations


Jakarta, IO – Recently, Indonesian social media is abuzz with expression of solidarity that coalesces into the “All Eyes on Papua” movement — which appeared to be inspired by “All Eyes on Rafah” — to oppose the deforestation in Papua to make way for large-scale oil palm plantations, per Detikcom, Tue (4/6).

Digital posters have been circulating on social media platforms X and Instagram in the last few days drawing the attention of the global community toward the threat of environmental destruction in Papua.

Concerned netizens allege that forested areas half the size of Jakarta are going to be cleared to produce the cash crop.

They lend their support to raise awareness about the plight of Papuan indigenous tribes Awyu and Moi who risk losing their customary land in the process. Members of the tribes recently held a demonstration outside the Supreme Court (MA).

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Wearing traditional clothing, they voiced their opposition against the planned conversion of 36,000 hectares of virgin forest which sustains their livelihood.

Environmentalists also fear that the action can potentially release 25 million tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, exacerbating global warming. (un)


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