Netizens’ criticism against the handling of allegation of corruption and money laundering at Kemenkeu

(IO/Septo Kun Wijaya)

KPK is accused of being selective in this matter due to alleged conflict of interest within law enforcement agencies due to the fact that KPK deputy chair Alexander Marwata and Rafael both graduated from state accounting college STAN in 1986.

“Netizens demand that if KPK is incapable of investigating and prosecuting the case, it had better hand it over to the Attorney General’s Office, the National Police or even the Armed Forces. Netizens also think that KPK is useless and should be dissolved,” said Teguh.

Advocacy group AMPERA chairman Muhammad Mualimin said that netizens have been frustrated because they are of the view that law enforcement officers only act against corruption allegations when they have been viral on social media.

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“Article 6 of the Corruption Law stipulates that KPK is tasked with overseeing state administrators. Maybe this makes the netizens conclude that KPK’s raison d’etre is only as a deterrent to bribery and corruption even if many officials are exposed to have billions of assets and luxury goods. KPK should not be like a buffalo that only moves after being whipped,” he said. (bp)