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National Police’s 78th anniversary “Bhayangkara Day” celebration

Bhayangkara Day
Bhayangkara Day
Bhayangkara Day
Bhayangkara Day
Bhayangkara Day
Bhayangkara Day
Bhayangkara Day
Bhayangkara Day
Bhayangkara Polri 1
Bhayangkara Polri 2
Bhayangkara Polri 3
Bhayangkara Polri 4
Bhayangkara Polri 5
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Jakarta, IO – Police personnel attended a ceremony commemorating the 78th anniversary of Indonesian National Police (Polri), commonly known as “Bhayangkara Day” in the National Monument (Monas) area, Jakarta (1/7). This year’s theme is “Precision National Police Supports the Acceleration of Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Transformation Towards a Golden Indonesia”.

This event also featured a parachute jump by a number of police personnel, which was greeted with roaring applause from the participants. After that attraction, a parade was carried out showcasing various tactical vehicles owned by Polri.

Around 182,000 participants attended the ceremony. In addition, around 2,959 personnel were deployed to secure the series of events, consisting of members of the Jakarta Metropolitan Police Department, regional police units, National Armed Forces (TNI), Jakarta Provincial Government and other agencies.

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The theme underlines Polri’s commitment to continuously transform and support the acceleration of an inclusive and sustainable economy, in line with the vision towards a Golden Indonesia Vision 2045.

(IO/Faisal Ramadhan)

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