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National Elders Day 2022 Skin care for elders


Jakarta, IO – The National Elders Day is commemorated every 29 May. “Elders” are defined as members of the population 60 years or older, and this number continues to increase every year. Statistics Indonesia data shows that there are 29.3 million elders in Indonesia in 2021, or 10.82% of the total population. That’s one of the top five in the world. The increase in elderly citizen numbers means that various problems and illnesses specific to them will become more prominent in society as well. 

When opening the “Skincare for Elders” webinar held jointly by the Indonesian Geriatric Dermatology Study Group (Kelompok Studi Dermatologi Geriatri Indonesia – “KDGSI”), the Indonesian Dermatology and Venereology Specialist Association (Perhimpunan Dokter Spesialis Kulit dan Kelamin Indonesia – “Perdoski”), and the Ministry of Health’s Sub Director General of Elders and Acting Director General of Community Health, drg. Kartini Rustandi, M.Kes., reported that WHO has stated that a country is called an “aging society” if it has a population of elders exceeding 7%, and an aging population above 14%. This condition is related to their nutrition status, mental health, and dependence to others, as many elders require caregivers. 

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“Ministry of Health data shows that 44% of elders in Indonesia suffer from multiple co-morbidities, while 22% suffer from lowered independence. 63.3% of elders live with their families, 39.6% with their nuclear families and 34.7% in three-generational households. The health of elders is important, because we need them to remain healthy, independent, active, and productive, to reduce any burden on the productive population,” drg. Kartini said, in a statement on Wednesday (13/04/2022). 


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