Nasi Jamblang, the delicacy of Cirebon since the Dutch colonial era


Jakarta, IO – An unusual sight is seen around the corner of Jalan Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo, right across from Grage Mall, Cirebon. A particular food stall looks crowded with people.

Nasi Jamblang ‘Mang Dul’ stall has been selling this local delicacy since 1970. Even though the stall is not big it is always crowded with patrons who want to eat the legendary Jamblang rice in the City of the Shrimp .

Visitors get to enjoy savory rice wrapped in teak leaves with all the side dishes served in a buffet style. The menu includes fried chili sauce, black balakutak, fried tempeh and tofu, cakes, omelet, fried cow lung, various types of fried fish and stews as well as various pepes (steam food wrapped in banana leaf). They are also affordable, ranging from Rp4,000 to Rp15,000.

According to Detik, Friday (7/4), the name Nasi Jamblang comes from the name of one of the districts in Cirebon regency which has existed since the Dutch colonial rule.

At that time the Dutch built a factory in Cirebon and employed many natives. They hailed from far places such as Sindangjaya, Cisaat, Cimara, Cidahu, Cinaru, Bobos and Lokong and had to leave early in the morning on foot to reach the factory.

They had difficulty finding food for breakfast because at that time there were no rice stalls. Selling rice was prohibited because there was little money circulating at that time.