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Nadiem: Bahasa Indonesia more appropriate as ASEAN official language


Jakarta, IO – Education, Culture, Research and Technology Minister Nadiem Anwar Makarim said Bahasa Indonesia worthier to be considered as the official language of ASEAN because it has historical, legal and linguistic advantages.

Nadiem said the language has long been studied in various countries around the world, including in several leading universities in Asia.

“With all these advantages, Bahasa Indonesia has become an internationally recognized language,” said Nadiem on Tuesday (5/4).

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Not only that, according to him, Bahasa Indonesia has become the largest language group in Southeast Asia and is widely spread in 47 countries around the world. Indonesian for Foreign Language Speakers (BIPA) courses have also been taught at 428 institutions.

“It is just appropriate for Bahasa Indonesia to be in the leading position, and if possible, becomes the language of communication at ASEAN official meetings,” explained Nadiem.


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