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Nadi Gallery: character of gallery according to the taste of the owner


IO, Jakarta – Having been around since the year 2000, Nadi Gallery has always been consistent of waving or even showing off of international relationships abroad. The Gallery has a good reputation for hosting events. His work is recognized on both a national and international scale. Nadi Gallery officially opened on September 15, 2000. Located in West Jakarta, Nadi Gallery was founded by artist Biantoro Santoso, an Indonesian . His devotion to promote contemporary art in Indonesia has led to this Nadi Gallery.

In Indonesian language nadi means “aorta”, “artery”, or “vein” that generates idea for the development of art in Indonesia. Without a pulse, the aorta will instantly lose its significance for life. In particular, the program of exhibition of artists aspires to bring about an emerging development of contemporary art in Indonesia.

All exhibitions held by Nadi Gallery are specifically designed with independent curator. The exhibits are scheduled for at least six times in the year. The exhibition is meant to present the Indonesian artists from all over the world with high-quality, unique and innovative achievements.

By adopting a strategic approach to enhancing the attractiveness of the art, the exhibition at Nadi Gallery also looks at the commercial aspects of the work presented. Therefore, in addition to promoting artistic development and offering to their respective teams a space to demonstrate their quality, the Gallery also invites the collectors to enjoy and purchase paintings from Nadi Gallery exhibits.

The gallery is open to dialogue and collaboration with various parties, both individual and non-legal institutions. Nadi Gallery intends to put themselves at the centre of cultural expression in Indonesia. There are three areas of mutual involvement, the creation , mediation, and appreciation. The creation part is the artists duty. Mediation are the tasks of museums, curators, critics, promoters and journalists. Appreciation is the recognition from society, government and collectors.

On this occasion, with Biantoro Santoso as the owner and the Manager of the Gallery, alluded to the manner in which the Office was working to run its mediation. As breathtaking, his character, and his other views are presented to the Independent Observer.

How did it come to the end of the gallery?
There are a few that make Nadi Gallery present, among them Nadi gallery exists because of the economic situation in Indonesia. The company I founded with friends was greatly hit by the economic crisis. Less busy in the office to fill the emptiness and reduce stress of the crisis. Friends encourage me to open the gallery, because they think I have the ability to do so.

Around the end of 1999 I joined Alm. I GAK Murniasah in his studio, in Ubud, Bali. At that time, about 600 works which, are very good, but there are not many exhibitors to show them. At the time I bought some of their exhibits and I made a promise to make them a single exhibition although at the time Nadi Gallery had not been founded. That promise made me open the gallery soonest.

After making sure to open the gallery, for the opening ceremony I asked Heridono to help with the single exhibition. And the exhibition itself opened by Romo Sindhunata. For the preparation Hendro Wiyanto helped me much, from organizing the gallery, preparing the program and others to discuss the two.

Vision, mission, and principles?
Bintoro answered the question by using Hendro Wiyanto quotes. Nadi Gallery is an art gallery in Jakarta that was founded on September 15, 2000. Along with that they opened single exhibition featuring the works of the reputable artist Hero Done. ‘Nadi’ means aortic rods, which will capture our imagination about the existence of a pulse.Without the pulse the aorta will be meaningless for life.

In the first instance, the main programs of the exhibition are exhibited with a view to the recent development in Indonesia which lasted a long time. The exhibitions held at Nadi Gallery are always planned together with independent curator and guest curator, and are scheduled for at least six times in the year.

In this scope Nadi Gallery is at the forefront to facilitate art programs and to encourage artists. (Aldo)

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