MYDIO Sing Musictainment, the pioneer of world’s pocket family karaoke apps

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – The Imposition of Restrictions on Community Activities (PKMM) during the pandemic is a challenge for people who want to spend time at karaoke. This is what prompted Sugiresky, Chief Executive Officer of MYDIO Sing Musictainment Indonesia, allied with MYDIO Tech, to release MYDIO Sing Musictainment.

A Pocket Family Karaoke Entertainment application, the first in the world, has hundreds of thousands of song banks, both from Indonesia and abroad. “MYDIO Sing Musictainment originated from a vision to present and provide an instrument of ‘true family karaoke entertainment’ with the concept of bringing the excitement and completeness of karaoke features in a smartphone, so you can feel the excitement of karaoke with relatives or family, anywhere and anytime. And it can be enjoyed by all levels of Indonesian society, from Sabang to Merauke,” said Sugiresky in a virtual press conference for the launch of MYDIO Sing Musictainment, in Jakarta, Saturday (10/4/2021).

This application, which can be downloaded on Android-based devices, is also equipped with the ‘Total Karaoke Experience’ feature which is commonly found in 5-star family karaoke entertainment venues. Various features that can be enjoyed include freedom to adjust the pitch of the user’s voice when karaoke, vocal audio setting (on/off), and other features.

In collaboration with Ubeatz Karaoke Audio Specialist, MYDIO Sing Musictainment offers a different karaoke experience through two alternative karaoke experience options, namely MYDIO Sing Musictainment Karaoke from Home and MYDIO Sing Musictainment Booth.

“In line with the government’s direction to stay at home, we provide entertainment solutions for Indonesian families through MYDIO Sing Musictainment Karaoke from Home. Users can experience the total karaoke experience even at home. Because for MYDIO Sing Music, experience is the main element in karaoke,” Sugiresky explained.

Users can also feel the sensation of Karaoke from Home; even more, this application is equipped with a singing hour and F&B bundling package, along with a call waiter feature to order side dishes.

“We also provide vouchers for online food ordering services in partnership with GoFood (including in selected karaoke packages) to complement your Karaoke from Home experience and your family,” said Leonard Darmawan, Chief Marketing Officer of MYDIO Sing Musictainment.

Apart from Karaoke from Home, this application also develops the MYDIO Sing Musictainment Booth, a karaoke entertainment in a well-designed booth. To make sure it doesn’t reduce the joy you experience. It’s like karaoke in a family karaoke entertainment place.

Leonard Darmawan revealed that MYDIO Sing Musictainment Booth has implemented strict health protocol standards to support government policies in preventing the spread of COVID-19 in Indonesia.

“We have implemented 5M, spraying disinfectant liquid at the booth before and after visitors use it. Second, install and turn on UV Light in the microphone (mic) stand area and in all booth areas to kill bacteria and germs when the booth is not in use. Third, provide a mic cloth protector that is always new for every visitor. Fourth, body temperature checks for every visitor and staff on duty. Finally, applying physical distancing to the queue,” he explained.

Sugiresky further stated that MYDIO Sing Musictainment has received a positive response from the National Collective Management Institute (LMKN) and the Collective Management Institute (LMK), the Indonesian Music License Center (SELMI), and Wahana Musik Indonesia (WAMI).

“I welcome MYDIO Sing Musictainment. Indonesian music works are to be enjoyed by the people themselves from Sabang to Merauke, in all corners of the country, including karaoke. Karaoke is a great entertainment facility, very entertaining, and well received by the people of Indonesia. On this occasion, I also advise the management of MYDIO Sing Musictainment Indonesia and all people to appreciate the works and royalty rights of Indonesian music industry players, songwriters, and other relevant rights holders,” said Once Mekel, as Senior Advisor of MYDIO Sing Musictainment.

On the same occasion, Boy William said that karaoke has become part of the lifestyle. “A cross-generational entertainment that is liked by all people. What’s more, the MYDIO Sing Musictainment application is very simple and practical to use, making it easier for us to get entertainment, anywhere, anytime,” he concluded.