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‘Mutilate’ Prabowo-Sandi Victory, 6 Survey Institutions Reported


IO, Jakarta – Survey institutes that have long been considered effective in influencing public opinion to support one of the presidential candidates before the election, and are again used by incumbent candidate Jokowi-Ma’ruf to mutilate the victory of the Prabowo-Sandi pair in the real count version that Prabowo-Sandi volunteers have collected with 62 percent of the votes.

The survey institute that cooperates with private television seems to be a barometer of election victory, even though the KPU’s official election winners will only be announced on May 22, 2019. With massive impressions and constant commentary from observers as if leading public opinion that the election has been won by the Jokowi-Maruf pair with 54 percent and Prabowo-Sandi 45 percent, even though it was clear at the beginning of the quick count that was aired by Metro TV and Indosiar with a vote of 60 percent of Jokowi-Ma’ruf was initially at 45 percent, and Prabowo-Sandi was at 54 percent. But within seconds the number was exchanged. This news is not a hoax, because a number of social media practitioners shared videos on the swap of the results of surveys conducted by the two media.

Related to that, the Advocacy and Law team of the National Winning Body (BPN) Prabowo Subianto – Sandiaga Uno reported 6 survey institutions that released the quick count results of the 2019 presidential election to the General Election Commission (KPU). The six institutions are LSI Denny JA, Indo Barometer, Charta Politica, SMRC, Poltracking, and Voxpol Institute.

The member of the BPN Directorate of Advocacy and Law Djamaluddin Koedoeboen at the KPU Office of the Republic of Indonesia said the report was carried out because his party considered the institutions to be unscientific in carrying out their activities. “The facts that occur in on the ground are very different from the results of calculations,” said Djamaluddin Koedoeboen, Thursday (04/18/2019).

According to Djamaluddin, the survey institution should wait for the official results of the KPU regarding the results of the 2019 election. Because, people are reportedly confused about the actual election results. Therefore, the BPN asked the KPU of the Republic of Indonesia to stop all the quick count results of the 2019 election because it was considered to be detrimental to Prabowo-Sandiaga or Joko Widodo-Ma’ruf Amin.

“We see the alleged design is being played now. We guess there is a kind of special order. But don’t let the public be harmed by such false news. How could it be for a sample of 2,000 to represent 810,000 more polling stations? That’s not right,” he said.

Besides being reported to the election organizers, separately, the six survey institutions were also reported to the police’s Criminal Investigation Department (Bakreskrim) Polri on the same day by Koalisi Aktivis Masyarakat Anti Korupsi & Hoaks (KAMAKH) – the Anti-Corruption & Hoaks Community Activist Coalition. Pitra said that the reasons for filing complaints against the six institutions were that almost all of the results of the survey institutions won the Presidential Candidates Number 01 Jokowi-Ma’ruf Amin. In fact, he claimed, thousands of Presidential Candidates Number 02 Prabowo-Sandi won the poll.

According to Pitra, if based on the results of the Central KPU’s announcement later it is decided that the winner is Prabowo-Sandi, then those responsible for the dissemination of public lies are survey institutions that displayed the Jokowi-Amin quick count. The six survey institutions alleged the crime of public lies and violate Article 22 of the Electronic Information and Transaction Law (ITE).

“Because the results of this survey clearly confuse the people. If we refer to the quick count, the truth cannot be fully accounted for. Even though the KPU data said they got thousands of polling stations showing a Prabowo win with a 56% percentage last night,” said Pitra, Thursday (4/18/2019).

Pitra urged the National Police Headquarters Criminal Investigation Unit to immediately conduct an audit of all survey institutions that won the Jokowi-Ma’ruf Amin candidate. The goal, continued Pitra, is to find out which polling stations had been surveyed covered by the survey institution. (D. Ramdani)


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