Mutiana Ayu Cindy Purwanti wins the 3rd place in Climate Festival Essay Competition 2020

Mutiana Ayu Cindy Purwanti, succeeded in defeating 256 participants from various universities in Indonesia. (Photo: UNS)

IO, Solo — Great news is coming from the Urban and Regional Planning Study Program (PWK), Faculty of Engineering (FT), Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta, as one of their students, Mutiana Ayu Cindy Purwanti succeeded in posting an international achievement last October. Cindy, currently in her 5th semester, won third place in a national essay competition organized by the Directorate General of Climate Change Control (Ditjen PPI), Ministry of Environment and Forestry. She further revealed that she brought up the concept of climate change-adaptive city or city climate urbanism.  

“The objective is to realize a tough and responsive city to facing the changing conditions because currently, urban areas are the main contributor to the greenhouse gases and global pollutants. The City Climate Urbanism concept collaborates on 5 (five) main principles, namely, sustainability, connectivity, efficiency, circularity, and resiliency in urban lifestyle. The main point in this concept implementation is risk mitigation through enhancing ecosystem and community resilience, by optimizing resource usage,” she explained during an interview with the team (12/11/2020).  

Through her hard work, Cindy succeeded in defeating 256 participants from various universities in Indonesia. “I was grateful when I was declared as the third champion. My gratitude goes to my parents who are always supporting me. I joined this competition to hone my writing skills and using my free time amid the virtual lectures, but Alhamdulillah, indeed I won,” she recounted. 

 The competition itself is a part of Ministry of Environment and Forestry 2020 Climate Festival, which lasts for 2 days starting on October 26th– 27th, 2020. Registration for the competition was opened on October 7th-10th and followed with an article submission by October 15th, 2020. The result was announced on October 27th, 2020 through  

Cindy hopes that through her achievement the concept she brought up will not end as an idea, but also can be implemented in Indonesia. “Hopefully, this idea can be implemented in urban Indonesian areas. Moreover, this achievement can be a booster for me and my UNS colleagues to strive to accomplish meaningful goals at national and international levels,” Cindy concluded. (est)