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Must-visit 7 new tourist destinations in Jakarta


Jakarta, IO – The capital Jakarta continues to offer a variety of destinations for wanderlusts. In addition to several well-known tourist sites such as Monas or Kota Tua, now there are lots of new interesting places to visit, from cafes, restaurants, green open spaces, various rides to hangout place popular among young people.

Here are some new touristy areas in the capital that can be your option to spend time with family and friends, as reported by CNN Indonesia

  1. 71st Omakase

In South Jakarta, there is 71St Omakase in the Senopati area for you who loves culinary tourism. What is unique is that restaurant does not provide a menu. The concept is like omakase from Japan which offers fusion food. Visitors only need to sit down and will be surprised by a chef-style dish. The food is priced from Rp450,000, consisting of 5 to 9 course meals.

  1. Teras Santorini

Teras Santorini is a hit place that is still part of Dos Hermanos Coffee & Cigar. It offers Greek-style designs and panoramic view of East Jakarta. Santorini Jakarta has become the talk of social media. Visitors will be pampered with a typical Greek-style ambience as well as opportunities to take selfies while enjoying delicious bites and live music performance.


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