Musates wins first place in a healthy food competition

Anastasya Aprilia created Musates, a healthy snack for diabetics. (Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Bogor – A healthy cooking competition theme “Lets Stay Fit and Fight Coronavirus” was held by Nutritional Science Master Program Diponegoro University, Semarang, Central Java. The event was hosted by the social media Instagram on May 10-16, 2020. In this competition, Anastasya Aprilia, a student of Food and Nutrition Services Industry Management Study Program Vocational School IPB University, created a snack for diabetics. The food was named “Musates”, an acronym of muffin, mustard greens, and diabetics. 

One is diagnosed as diabetic if a two hours postprandial blood sugar test reaches 200 mg/dl or more, while pre-diabetics register 140-199 mg/dl. Up until now, diabetics in Indonesia rank 6th worldwide, and the number is predicted to continue to grow. 

“I created this dish because the number of diabetics in Indonesia is increasing every year. That condition inspired me to create a snack for diabetics. This snack is low in sugar, and is safe for them,” Anastasya explains to IPB University Public Relation on Wednesday (6/4/2020). 

She admits she has long experience in joining healthy cooking competitions. “I’ve joined the Indonesia Vocation Olympics (OLIVIA) in Diponegoro University and managed to place third in Live Cooking.” 

She explained that there are at least 31 other competitors joining and this competition is open to the public, not only from universities but also other institutions such as hotel chefs. Other competitors are equally as professional in cooking healthy and innovative food, making it a challenge on its own. “This is a very good time to improve experience and prestige,” she added. 

“Musates” achieved first place, based on scores on various aspects, such as the most liked (25%), nutrition (25%), level of creativity and innovation (25%), attractiveness (15%), and originality (10%). Meanwhile, she hopes that her snacks can help diabetics. In fact, the snack can also be a change of diet for diabetics. “I hope I can keep creating great things to contribute to society,” she stated. (*/est)