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Muhammad Haekal Shafi wins “virtual modification” event


IO, Surabaya – Working online should not be a limit to achievement, as evidenced by students of the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS), Surabaya, East Java, who won the Honda Brio Virtual Modification (V-Mod) contest #3, officially announced on August 19, 2020. 

Titled “Racing Garage”, the competition, held by PT Honda Prospect Motor, in collaboration with the National Modifier and Aftermarket Association (NMAA) was attended by participants from 43 cities in Indonesia. Different from previous years, in this third year the Honda Brio V-Mod adopted the racing concept of Rally Look, Touring Style, Sports Daily, Drag Race, and Drifting Touch. 

Muhammad Haekal Shafi, a student of the ITS Mechanical Engineering Department, came out as the champion in this competition. Presenting the concept of “Drifting Touch”, he managed to beat 789 other designs from all over Indonesia. “I chose the drifting concept because in the real world there are quite a few people who like it, while there are few in this competition. I’m looking for something different,” said the 2017 student, in a release received by the Independent Observer, Tuesday (8/25/2020). 

Named the Brio Turbo-D designer, this young man, familiarly called “Haekal”, chose a color different from most of the other participants, namely bluish purple. According to him, this is the color that can attract the eye. “Usually, drift cars have contrasting colors, but in my opinion, a slightly darker color is more attractive,” said the student who was born in 1999 Additional blue stripes and Tosca add to the dashing impression of the design. This color combination is just right to describe an aggressive impression. “Darkness reflects aggressiveness, as if intimidating other cars; also, the impression of drift racing is more visible,” said this automotive enthusiast. 

Haekal spent approximately two weeks creating the design. Armed with a template image provided by the organizer, he was combining body kit designs, mirrors, spoilers, wheels, and tires according to the drifting theme he wanted. “To fit it, I don’t just put it on. The process is manual: certain parts must be removed first, then brushed using the burn tool,” he said. 

To get the design inspiration, Haekal explained that research is the key while understanding the theme is useful for going further. Thus, the research carried out will be following the desired theme. The basis is like going to college: all the keys are in research. “For this design, I researched how to design drift cars in the real world,” he added. 

Regarding the superiority of its design, Haekal explained that the jury recognized details of his Brio Turbo-D design as superior. He completed it combining the colors of the body kit, a decal (sticker), interior, and fitting in as much detail as possible. “Maybe also because the proportional image is right, in addition to the suitability of the body kit and interior components that match the theme as well,” he explained. 

Haekal hopes that this achievement will also be realized by his fellow students, especially ITS students, because self-potential exploration can be channeled in any form. “I hope that our ITS student friends will explore more outside the world of lectures because the competition is not limited to what is related to written work: there is still much out there,” he commented. (est) 


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