Muhaimin Iskandar’s resolution to run as presidential candidate in 2024

Muhaimin Iskandar.
National Awakening Party (PKB) Chairman Muhaimin Iskandar. Photo: WIKIPEDIA

IO – National Awakening Party (PKB) General Chairman Muhaimin “Cak Imin” Iskandar has announced he is determined to run as a presidential candidate in 2024. He will establish Maju Bersama Rakyat Building (Mabes Rakyat – “the People’s Headquarters”), the name of which literally means “moving forward with the people,” as a command center for his efforts to win the presidency. This was communicated when he inaugurated the “Mabes Rakyat Gus Muhaimin” on Laswi Street, Bandung City, West Java, Sunday (2/6/2022). 

“I invite young people to come here. Together we shall discuss the future as a brighter outcome can be achieved quickly through politics, because the political realm offers an easy way to change things for the better,” he said. 

Cak Imin explained that Mabes Rakyat would be built throughout Indonesia, not only in West Java. Thus, they must be able to accommodate the aspirations of the people, especially the youth. 

On the occasion of his announcement, Cak Imin was seen wearing a T-shirt with the symbols of a heart and a garuda – Indonesia’s national emblem. He revealed that the heart symbolizes love and nationalism, while the garuda signifies a prosperous and happy Indonesia. 

Cak Imin emphasized how politics should be more than simply symbols. He believes that the love of the country must be reflected in political activities that bring prosperity and happiness to the people. “Hence, I wear these symbols for my fight in the 2024 presidential election,” he said. 

Meanwhile, Chairman of PKB Central Executive Board Syaiful Huda said Mabes Rakyat was established as a forum to share information and aspirations. He added that for the better future of Indonesia, full support will be given to Muhaimin to run in the upcoming presidential election. Huda explained that the name of “Mabes Rakyat” was inspired by a tagline that has been promoted by Cak Imin: “Maju Bersama Rakyat.” 

Mabes Rakyat is also intended to reach creative communities and Millennials. “We hope this headquarters can be established in every neighborhood in all cities/ districts in West Java,” said Huda. (des)