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Mr. Fox; A man who has stories to tell


IO, Jakarta – ISMAYA Group, which has established many restaurant outlets in the capital city of Jakar­ta, is now re-introducing a new restaurant in the Sudirman Central Building District (SCBD) named Mr. Fox. Mr. Fox is a charming and in­telligent male character who likes to travel. He likes to meet new people around the world and learn about cultural diversity. After traveling the world many times, he realized that he needed a place to share food recipes from around the world that could be presented to his guests in Jakarta. Therefore, he decided to stay and un­wind in Jakarta.

Mr. Fox hypnotize visitors by the hospitality and friendly atmosphere. This place looks luxurious and has a lots of unique decorations. (photo: IO/Aldo)

Mr. Fox also likes to share his pas­sion with others. So he opened his own restaurant and served all the amazing recipes from his delicious food including the various mild cock­tail concoctions he learned through­out his journey. Mr. Fox works with the talented star chef, Chef Vebrina Hadi, to produce delicious dishes that include a variety of flavors. From a selection of fresh healthy break­fasts, to comfortable modern classic dishes, Mr. Fox takes food very se­riously in his house. He encourages you to be adventurous so you can explore various tastes and find your favorites amongst all of them. As im­portant as his love of food and travel is, so is his desire for cocktails. With the help of the award-winning Bev­erage Manager Group, Albert Yacob, they ensure that every dish served to the guests is well-maintained. Albert is the Southeast Asian bartender win­ner of the 2017 Ultimate Bartender Monkey Shoulder Championship, and he believes that bartending not only creates drinks – but the whole experience of making, pouring and tasting that allows him to understand and learn the nature of people from different backgrounds.

“The initial idea of Mr. Fox himself is, Ismaya wanted to focus on outlets that prioritize bars and restaurants, so that visitors can relax enjoying the atmosphere of the restaurant with the pleasure of food and also cock­tails served by Mr. Fox,” said Rendy Lukita, Senior Brand Manager of Ismaya Lifestyle. When visiting Mr. Fox, I was amazed by the hospitali­ty and atmosphere he offered. This place looks luxurious and unique with lots of unique decorations. For menus offered by Mr. Fox it includes various international menus such as pasta, steak, burgers and also Indo­nesian food. When I was in Mr. Fox, I tried Indonesian food, that is, fried duck served with hainan corn rice, trio sambal and urap. Trio sambal consists of sambal ijo, sambal tera­si and sambal matah. You can mix all of them together to get the perfect spicy taste. In addition, for the taste of the cocktail they serve, it has a very unique and diverse taste. It is recom­mendable for beginners who want to try cocktails.

Mr. Fox also has a special room for those of you who want complete privacy to hold a meeting or a birth­day event. There is also a room that resembles a hidden bunker that can completely close you from the outside world so that your meal is concealed.

Mr. Fox, located at Energy Building, SCBD, Jakarta Selatan. (photo: IO/Aldo)

Mr. Fox produced the food menu creation, the design and interior dec­oration of the restaurant perfectly. On the side of the bar there is a lamp ornament that describes the charac­ter of Mr. Fox itself. Located in the city center allows Mr. Fox to be visited by young executives upto expats who want to feel comfortable and enjoy the dishes at Mr. Fox.

Independent Observer recom­mends Mr. Fox as one of the restau­rants and bars that you can visit when you eat lunch or even unwind after a day of work. It can also be a place for you to wait for traffic after the afternoon. (Aldo)


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