Mount of trash art installation at Bantargebang

Jangjo. (IO/Pramita Hendra)

Jakarta, IO – “Under Our Hill” is an art installation made out of plastic waste, initiated by waste management startup Jangjo. The work, displayed 4-26 June, was created with architectural bureau AT-LARS. It is a 1:10 precise replica of the mountains of trash stored at Bantargebang Final Waste Dumping Ground, which is now at the creepy height of 40-50 meters, on average. 

“Suboptimal management and unseparated waste causes more and more waste to pile up here in the Final Dumping Grounds. We believe that separating waste right at the source will reduce the final amount that must be delivered to Bantargebang,” said Jangjo Indonesia CEO Joe Hansen. 

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Every day, the good citizens of Jakarta send 7,000-8,000 tons of waste to Bantargebang. If we allow this to continue, this central Final Waste Dumping Ground in Bekasi will soon be overflowing. The installation is meant to show Jakartans that what they throw away every day has value, and that most waste is recyclable. 

Other than the massive installation, visitors can also see a display of goods made out of recycled trash, as well as obtain educational material about separating waste type at home. This will allow them to be involved directly in the various possible ways of mitigating the severe trash generation problem of Jakarta. (ndra)