More than just delivering packages, OHP Logistic connect people


IO – In September 2020, OHP Logistic was founded, to set an example that sending a package isn’t just sending things, it’s greater than that, we aim to connect people.

Our core business is exporting logistic agency, we make partner with immense companies focusing on logistics such as DHL, FeDex, and UPS. Clients give us their package and OHP Logistic helps the shipping process. Following that, we forward the package to our partner and ship it freight-on-board.

When OHP Logistic started, we had a very strong relationship with one customer who bought into our vision. The company was still facing challenges in getting profitability and relevance as a business. Increasing productivity has required a significant investment of time and money. However, OHP Logistic believes that if the world still revolves around business, there will always be a demand in logistical supply.

Because demand from that first customer was so strong, we focused on that company for the first few months. In November 2020, we shipped our first container, and then added a second customer in December 2020. Today we have employed 10 people and has become one of the trusted international exporting agencies in Jakarta.