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Monkeypox Confirmed: infected through close contact


Jakarta, IO – The Ministry of Health has confirmed that an Indonesian citizen has tested positive for monkeypox. The patient is a 27-year-old male, with a history of traveling to European countries (Netherlands, Swiss, Belgium, and France) since 22 July, arriving in Jakarta on 8 August. The patient’s PCR test result confirmed positive infection on 19 August. 

“The patient is currently in a satisfactory condition. His illness is not severe, but he has blisters or rashes on his face, hands, and feet. He does not require hospitalization, but he must be isolated independently,” said Ministry of Health Spokesman, dr. Mohammad Syahril, Sp.P., MPH, in a media meet held last Saturday (20/08/2021). 

However, dr. Syahril reminds the people not to panic, because monkeypox has a lower infection rate and fatality level than Covid-19. In fact, out of the 39,718 confirmed cases worldwide, only 12 people, or less than 0.001% of total cases, have died. “Monkeypox is not transmitted as easily as Covid-19, which infects through droplets in the air. Monkeypox infection occurs through close contact,” he said. 

The Health Office of DKI Jakarta, and the Ministry of Health’s Directorate for the Prevention and Control of Diseases, jointly responded to the first confirmed monkeypox case in Indonesia by surveilling the people the patient has had close contact with. Furthermore, as a precaution, the Ministry intensively monitors all of Indonesia’s entry gates – aerial, maritime, and terrestrial – that have reported direct contact with persons who recently traveled to one of the 89 countries that have reported monkeypox cases. 


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