Monica Ivena Resilience fashion show: a decade of work

fashion show
Monica presented her “Resilience” collection marking her one decade of work in the fashion world. Photos: PRIV.DOC

Jakarta, IO – Young designer Monica Ivena kicked off her “Resilience” runway show on Sunday, March 6, 2022. The fashion show is significant to her as it marked her 10th year of fashion; she took the opportunity to launch her new fashion line logo. 

A virtual streaming presentation saw Monica premiering 25 pieces of her detailed work. The word “Resilience” was chosen to describe women’s resilience in elegant and luxurious dresses during the pandemic. Monica intended to show that big-hearted women who are sincere and clever are ready to become guardian angels for people around them. 

fashion show

“The angel wings imply that every woman owns a power to help like an angel,” said Monica in a press conference. 

Monica opened the fashion show by presenting a model with a low-cut V neck, a cape and wings applied, like an angel. Next, the runway went on to show delicate and elegant dresses. 

Monica performed neutral color dresses in black, nude, gold and silver. Black symbolizes courage, while silver means comforting and divine. The gold dress represents power in women. One of the strengths of Monica’s designs is to use the same shades of color on different materials in one design. Gold embroidery that falls beautifully on a gold piece of fabric in a dress, or black divine wings on black material. 

fashion show

The luxurious details appeared from the chandelier-like beads and gems that were attached to the dress, shimmering and elegant. She added lots of embroidery and glittering beads, applying them to various textures of the material. 

Various dresses were exhibited on the runway. Slim cut dress detailed with thin transparent tulle, a stiff robe like a shield, and white-wedding dress completed with its long veil. 

Monica Ivena started her career as a designer in 2011. Her works appeared and were worn by several Hollywood celebrities, including Khloe Kardashian and her daughter, True, on Christmas 2018, Taylor Swift in her “Me!” music video in 2019 and TV star Nicole Scherzinger. (des)