Monas reopened for domestic and foreign tourists

Nasional Monument (Monas). (IO/Aslam Iqbal)

Jakarta, IO – The National Monument (Monas) and a number of museums around it are open to public visit again. The news was conveyed by the Central Jakarta city administration via its official Instagram account @kotajakartapusat on Sunday (3/7).

Domestic and foreign tourists can now access five attractions at Monas, including the peak where visitors can enjoy the 360-degree view of Jakarta.

“At Monas there are five places that you can visit, such as the Indonesian History Relief, the National History Museum, the Monas Grail, the Independence Chamber, and the Monas Peak where you can see the entire view of the city of Jakarta.”

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Monas is open from 06.00-16.00 WIB. However, those who want to go to the peak can only do it from 08.00-15.00 WIB. Although it has been opened to all tourists, the Central Jakarta city administration has implemented a handful of rules to manage the queues.

Before visiting Monas, tourists must register online on D-1 and D-Day via (un)