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Moja Museum; Interactive and modern museum in Jakarta


IO, Jakarta – For those of you who love modern and contemporary art, there is no need to go far to enjoy the artworks. Because recently, a modern and contemporary museum has opened that presents rooms deliberately designed with a movie or cinema theme. Moja Museum is a contemporary modern museum that is different from similar museums in Jakarta. When entering the museum you will feel like entering into a labyrinth with rooms that have different themes in each space. One by one the room you are searching for will bring you to the elements of the film and also the 90s-style games. Moja Museum is located in the Pondok Indah area or precisely on Jalan Metro Pondok Indah, Pondok Pinang, South Jakarta.

The Moja Museum itself was only opened in the middle of last October or exactly October 20, 2018. In this place you will enter 14 rooms which are all themed cinema and can be a location for taking photos. You can find various cinematic displays at the Moja Museum. There is also a room filled with pictures related to films, here you can also participate in scribbling the room. To enjoy all the artwork, there are a number of rules that you must obey in this museum, one of which you cannot turn back to the space you have entered before. So make sure you are satisfied to take pictures and observe the artwork before you proceed to the next room.

“The museum was founded for the first time because at first I felt bored with the activities as citizens of Jakarta, that’s all. Every weekend I would usually spend with family or friends spending time in a shopping center to watch a movie or eat. If you want to see art performances in the museum, the schedule of art exhibitions is uncertain and the museum in Jakarta is not open until evening. That is what made me and my colleagues motivated to create an art media that can be shown to the citizens of Jakarta, “said Keziah Lam, one of the owners of the Moja Museum.

“Inside this museum visitors can interact and imagine with the room we have provided. This room is our own design. Inspired by things we have never seen, such as cinema, parts of cinema like popcorn and others we think are very interesting to make art, not yet in Jakarta, “she added.

In addition, the Moja Museum is also present as a mediator between the capital’s art activists to express their ideas and creativity to create a work that can be enjoyed by visitors.

“The Moja Museum is also present as a place for activists and artists to put all their ideas here so that visitors can enjoy them. Here not all space installations are done by artist artists but we also collaborate with art lovers even though their main jobs are not the artists themselves. For example, one of the 14 rooms here was made by a doctor. “This shows that a work does not have limitations in all circles and professions can do similar things,” concluded Keziah Lam.

The Moja Museum only lasts for four months which signifies that the museum will end in January 2019 and when it is reopened to the public later, this museum will also change a different theme. To be able to visit the museum you have to pay a ticket of Rp 100,000 on weekdays and Rp 125,000 on weekends for adults. As for children, the price is only IDR 90,000 on weekdays and IDR 115,000 on weekends. The children’s category is only for children under 6 years. The museum itself is open from Monday to Sunday starting at 11:00 a.m. until 19:00 a.m.



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