MoD Prabowo Subianto: We may compete in politics, but we are all compatriots

Prabowo di JCC
Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto attended an open senate session for the graduation of Pancasila University students at JCC. (IO/ Andi Muhamad)

Jakarta, IO – Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto delivered his oration in front of Pancasila University graduates, in which he emphasized that he was not campaigning at campus events. 

“I was given 20 minutes, and I believe the graduates cannot wait to be congratulated. If you listen to a lengthy speech, you will be restless. So, I will keep it brief,” said MoD Prabowo, as broadcasted on Pancasila University’s YouTube channel Tuesday (June 7). 

MoD Prabowo stated that he would not campaign in front of the graduates because campaigning requires permission from the President. He drew laughter from the audience when he jokingly said, “I can already feel that you are restless. What will he talk about? Don’t tell me he’s going to campaign.” Minister Prabowo again confirmed that he was not campaigning, and he attended the graduation ceremony in his capacity as a minister. 

In his speech, MoD Prabowo focused on how the future generation should take a role in the world with a positive mindset. “The substance of my explanation is if we want to contribute to the world, we have to be strong. I would like to entrust you with a belief I have held dearly since I was young. The key to your success is in this one sentence: If deep down in your heart you think you will lose, then you have actually lost,” said the Defense Minister.