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MoD Prabowo Subianto is considered the most competent figure to continue the current administration’s development


IO – Indonesian Survey & Polling (SPIN) research institute has released another survey result in its mission to map the current socio-political constellation among the public, one aspect of which is the relative popularity of potential national figures for the upcoming 2024 presidential election. 

SPIN Director Igor Dirgantara commented that the majority of the public believe that the next administration should sustain the direction of national development that the incumbent Jokowi-Maruf government has pursued and carried out. “The survey findings show that around 51.5% (of respondents) agree that the direction of national development needs to continue, while 17.4% also agree on such continuity, with the condition that changes should be made when necessary. Against this, 30.3% state that the direction of development needs to be revised,” detailed Igor, Monday (2/14/2022). 

In this survey, SPIN attempted to delve deeper into aspects of development that should be continued. The majority mentioned social assistance programs or bansos (55.5%), food security (52.6%) and defense equipment modernization (50.9%) as the most dominant answers. 

Respondents also opined that land or agrarian title certificates (45.1%), freedom of practicing religion (42.3%) and infrastructure (40.5%) are priorities; thus, an incoming administration should continue them. 

A program that should be continued, conditional on necessary improvements, is the employment sector (42.6%), in response to the reality that the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many people becoming unemployed, the impact of the omnibus (or job creation) law, and so on. 

“Then, a more effective strategy for dealing with COVID-19 (40.1%), the relocation of the nation’s capital (28.1%) along with political and legal fields – democracy and human rights (29.9%),” added Igor. 

Interestingly, when asked who would be the most competent figure to continue the current government’s development, most respondents named Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto as the most appropriate candidate. 

“Most of those interviewed, or around 20.1%, answered ‘MoD Prabowo’. Some 11.5% mentioned Anies Baswedan, 10.3% Ridwan Kamil, 9.8% Ganjar amid others,” explained Igor. 

Igor observed that MoD Prabowo was most probably considered competent because of his consistency in running President Jokowi’s development programs in the defense sector and other related fields. “As an individual, MoD Prabowo seems mature and well-experienced, regarding the government,” he said. 

SPIN conducted the survey from January 31 to February 11, 2022, involving 1,230 respondents from 34 provinces in Indonesia. It was a face-to-face survey with questionnaires. The survey used probability sampling and multistage random sampling methods, with an approximately 2.8% margin of error and a 95% confidence level. 

As more people expressed their aspirations for the nomination of MoD Prabowo, Secretary-General of Gerindra Party’s Central Executive Board Ahmad Muzani reiterated that Gerindra’s General Chairman Prabowo Subianto would run in the 2024 presidential election. The public also seems to have high expectations of him competing in the upcoming presidential election. “In 2024, Chairman Prabowo will stand as a presidential candidate from Gerindra Party. If we look at the results from all survey institutes, Chairman Prabowo’s popularity is at the top of the list. And we from Gerindra Party, the people of Indramayu, the people of West Java are strongly supporting him,” 

Muzani recently said. Muzani also urges all Gerindra West Java cadres, especially those from Indramayu, to go all out, campaigning for the upcoming presidential election, focusing their energies on delivering the Presidency to Chairman Prabowo. 

To achieve the goals set out for Onward Indonesia (Indonesia Maju), strong leadership from an ideal leader is essential, Muzani stated. This candidate must embody tried-and-tested leadership. He should not hesitate to make appropriate decisions, particularly when the nation is facing numerous diffculties. 

“Chairman Prabowo’s leadership has been tried and tested, as Gerindra General Chairman, Gerindra Party’s Advisory Council Chairman and Defense Minister. As a defense minister, his achievements and diplomacy have been acknowledged globally. He is also adept at resolving various issues. Therefore, I believe that Chairman Prabowo is capable of successfully making political decisions related to state matters,” said Muzani. 

Muzani further explained that the mission of the Gerindra Party to install Prabowo as the nation’s leader is to ensure the security and health of the people, because those are the essential conditions to sustain the people’s welfare and transform Indonesia into a developed nation. 

“It would be impossible for the economy, education and other aspects to evolve upward, if the people are defenseless and unhealthy. Thus, the security and health of the people are the top priority for Gerindra. This will be our main objective, if the people entrust their support for Chairman Prabowo in 2024,” concluded Muzani. (des)


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