MK rejects judicial review petition for medical marijuana legalization

Anwar Usman
(Source: youtube of Mahkamah Konstitusi RI)

“Regarding the unconstitutionality of the provisions of Article 6(1a) of Law 35/2009, it has no legal basis,” he stated.

Previously, the petition to legalize medical marijuana went viral when Santi Warastuti, accompanied with her husband and son Pika, held a protest sign during Jakarta’s car free day (CFD) that reads “Please, my son needs medical marijuana.”

Santi pleaded to the Court to seek its opinion regarding the use of medical marijuana. She hoped MK can immediately rule on her judicial review petition on the Narcotics Law for the health of her child.

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Santi, along with two other petitioners, Dwi Pertiwi and Nafiah Murhayanti, examined the Narcotics Law against the 1945 Constitution. The two articles they sought to review were Article 6 (1a) with its explanations and Article 8(1) on the use of Class I narcotics which include marijuana.

The petition for judicial review was also supported by the Narcotics Advocacy for Health Coalition, which comprises Rumah Cemara, ICJR, LBHM, IJRS, Yakeba, EJA, and LGN. (irv)