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Miscount of 73,715 votes, BPN gives an ultimatum to KPU


IO, Jakarta – The National Commit­tee to Elect Prabowo-Sandi (Badan Pemenangan Nasional-BPN)) has submitted its report on input er­rors by the Election Commission (Komisi Pemilihan Umum – “KPU”)’s Voting Count Information System (Sistem Informasi Penghitungan Su­ara – “Situng”) that reduces the votes of the Prabowo-Sandi Team, to the Election Monitoring Agency (Badan Pengawas Pemilu – “Bawaslu”). The report was submitted by the Chair­man of BPN’s IT Volunteers, Mustofa Nahrawardaya, accompanied by IT Volunteers’ Secretary Dian Islamiati and BPN’s IT Expert Nur Iman Santo­so. BPN’s IT Team discovered 73,715 data input errors into the Situng, or about 15.4% of the total of 477,021 Voting Points (Tempat Pemungutan Suara – “TPS”) whose vote count has been inputted to KPU. “We collected this entry error from 19 April until 1 May 2019. What happens when data from all TPS comes in? The error rate might get as high as 30%,” he said.

Earlier, BPN’s IT Team has sub­mitted their findings of erroneous count to Situng KPU twice, i.e. when the number of erroneous entry count was 9,000 errors and again when it was 13,000 errors. However, there has been no significant change to the votes gained by Jokowi-Amin and Prabowo-Sandi. “We are reporting this with part of the evidence, so that Bawaslu can quickly follow up the suspicion of violations in the 2019 Elections,” he said at the Bawaslu of­fice on Friday (3/5/2019). According to his findings, the biggest frequen­cies of errors were found in Central Java (in 7,666 TPS), East Java (in 5,826 TPS), in North Sumatra (in 4,327 TPS), South Sumatra (in 3,296 TPS), and South Sulawesi (in 3,219 TPS). “This is a brutal level of errors. The highest tolerance level in any IT system is 1%, but we found an error level of 15.4%,” Mustofa said.

The most frequent types of input error are: errors in data inputt from Sheet 1 of C1 Form (33,221 cases), errors in data inputt from Sheet 2 of C1 Form (33,199 cases), and missing either Sheet 1 or Sheet 2 of C1 Form (29,731 cases). “There is a discrep­ancy between the total of votes en­tered and the total of voters (12,451 cases). A discrepancy between the to­tal of votes obtained by Presidential Candidate Pair 01, votes obtained by Presidential Candidate Pair 02, and invalid votes (8,279).

Discrepancy of total valid votes for Presidential Candidate Pair 01 and Presidential Candidate Pair 02 (6,836 cases), discrepancy between the total of valid and invalid votes (5,134 cases), votes for Presidential Candidate Pair 01 exceeding the to­tal number of voters (2,394 cases), votes for Presidential Candidate Pair 02 exceeding the total number of voters (1,124 cases), and number of attending voters higher than number of voters listed in the DPT (1,112 cas­es),” added Dian.

Dian hopes that Bawaslu would immediately stop Situng KPU and perform an independent IT forensic audit. “The facts are simply horren­dous. Existing evidence shows that KPU has been very unprofessional. It is really misleading toward the public, especially since the Situng is broadcasted on a number of TV stations,” she said. Dian reminds KPU that excessive input data error and tampering with voters’ rights to vote would end up with legal conse­quence. “KPU must stop the Situng process and its broadcasting imme­diately, without having to wait for Bawaslu’s decision.”

After having submitted 1 container box of evidence of erroneous count, BPN’s IT Volunteer Coordinator Mus­tofa Nahrawardaya challenged the Jo­kowi-Amin Election Volunteer Alliance to submit the Rp 100 billion reward money they promised to notaries. “We have submitted proof of erroneous count that might potentially damage Prabowo-Sandi count. Therefore, we ask that any volunteer who challeng­es 02 and expose the fraud be given a reward of Rp 100 billion,” he said.

Mustofa requested that Jokowi’s volunteers, who have declared a re­ward of Rp 100 billion, submit the reward to the appointed notaries. If there is any proof of fraud, this money will be used to compensate the electoral heroes, i.e. those who became ill and died from overwork at the TPS. “We will distribute Rp 50 billion of the reward to the families of the fallen, while the remaining sum will be used for medical treatment of those who have become ill in the course of their duty of protecting the people’s votes,” he said. (D. Ramdani)


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