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Ministry of Communication supports “Indonesian PR Council”


IO – The Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemenkominfo) welcomed the Association of Indonesian Public Relations Companies’ (APPRI) suggestion to form an “Indonesian Public Relations Council”, consisting of stakeholders of the Public Relations industry, established under the management of Kemenkominfo. The idea was put forth during an audience of APPRI with the Director-General of Information and Public Communication (Dirjen IKP) of Kemenkominfo, Usman Kansong, end of December 2021.

Once the PR Council is formed, as its preliminary task, it will arrange a Public Relations Code of Conduct to be the Indonesian PR Consultants’ standardized course of practice, which Director Usman will fully support. The policy and code of conduct are expected to strengthen and protect the management and practice of Indonesian PR consultants.

“Apart from the previous tasks, the Director has also approved his role, ex officio, as the counselor of APPRI. Through APPRI, the Director will exercise his active role to provide direction in augmenting the PR consultants’ and the council’s contribution in broader working areas,” stated the Chairman of APPRI Jojo S. Nugroho.

Jojo added that in order to improve professionalism, he agreed that the PR consultants must be BNSP (National Professional Certification Agency) certified in their working fields. “Certification is one of the means to keep up the working quality and results in this competitive and disruptive era,” he affirmed.

APPRI has committed to supporting Kemenkominfo in achieving its sustainable nation-branding towards the PR strategic service through national and international programs in several Ministries and institutions.

One of the priorities of Kemenkominfo that APPRI has committed to support is advancing digital literacy. “We are conducting an APPRIentice program and coordinating sixteen universities in Java and Bali to involve the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations students members of the APPRI Young Squad. They will be joining the Digital Leadership Academy and Digital Talents Scholarship programs initiated and nurtured by the Ministry of Communication and Information,” Jojo concluded.

APPRI expects to develop the PR industry practices and consultants, increase PR practitioners’ competence and play an essential role in national priority agendas.


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