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Minister of Home Affairs: “Do not allow NGOs to harm NKRI unity”


IO, Jakarta – Minister of Home Affairs Tito Karnavian stated that NGOs (non-governmental community organizations) can actually serve as a positive force for the nation. However, some of them have tended to violate ethics and conflict with our nationalism. “We have observed that NGOs generally start off as basically positive. 

However, there have been negative excesses as well. In other words, some NGOs do not adhere to the values and limits of nationalism,” he complained in a speech during the “2019 Community Organizations Awards” held at Kartika Chandra Hotel, Jalan Jenderal Gatot Subroto, Karet, Semanggi, Jakarta Selatan, Senin (25/11/2019). 

Tito pointed to negativist NGOs that breach public order and act intolerantly. These include those with ideologies and practices that endanger the unity of the nation. “They do not appreciate others’ human rights, and they show blatant intolerance. Some NGOs breach public order, hold demos on public roads that obstruct other people’s right of way, and even instigate riots. We know that this has happened several times. This is the problem,” Tito said. “Furthermore, some of these NGOs do not care about ethics and morality when they express their opinions. They have crossed the lines of pluralistic Indonesian, Eastern, and Asiatic national ethics. Their ideologies and practices endanger the unity of our nation. As time goes by, they have come into being.” 

Tito demanded that the Government must take an active role when resolving NGO issues. These organizations may be granted their democratic rights, but must not be allowed to abuse their rights and destroy NKRI’s hard-won independence and integrity. “We have to do something about this; we must prevent them from destroying the Unitary Republic of Indonesia (Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia – “NKRI”) and obstruct national development. We must absolutely prevent this,” he said. 

Ministry of Home Affairs’ General Secretary Hadi Prabowo stated that NGOs should serve as a forum for the people to express their aspirations and achieve their interests. However, they must not conflict with Pancasila and the Constitution of 1945. “We hope that NGOs can develop properly, without violating the philosophical and legal bases of the country,” he said. 

Hadi would allow community organizations to have their own unique characteristics and philosophies, again without violating Pancasila and the Constitution of 1945. “Secondly, please maintain your unique characteristics without conflicting with Pancasila and Constitution of 1945. Secondly, they must achieve their purposes professionally and proportionally, so that their actions benefit everyone,” he said. 

Hadi further stated that the Government constantly reviews NGOs. Per 22 November 2019, Indonesia numbers 431,465 community organizations. “This is the current total of our NGOs at present. According to registration archives, there are 27,015 organizations registered in the Ministry of Home Affairs alone. 1,891 are small community organizations; 8,170 are provincial community organizations, and 16,954 are municipal and regency community organizations. There are a further 404,379 community organizations with legal entities recorded at the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. 226,994 of these are foundations, 167,385 are clubs and a final 71 NGOs are registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” he said. 

Hadi stated in conclusion that NGOs can actually contribute to Government efforts by helping accelerate the achievement of the State’s objectives. “We all hope that the collective awareness and intention to achieve a common goal will be heightened, and that NGOs can actually contribute to and benefit both the people and the Government, and naturally to help NKRI achieve its aspirations faster,” he said. (des) 


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