Monday, April 22, 2024 | 06:57 WIB

Mind games, a “dangerous” play by KPU

IO – Is it true that now the General Election Commission (KPU) is running mind games? They tried to influence and manipulate the Indonesian people, — especially for Prabowo’s supporters — to believe that the presidential election was over and no need for more resistance. Witnesses no longer need to examine the results of the vote count and the quick count reported by several survey institutions is correct, and as the result, Jokowi wins and Prabowo loses?

Is quite simple, the method of psychology play is to manipulate and intimidate people’s minds. Through the Aplikasi Sistem Informasi Penghitungan Suara (Vote Counting Information System Application) or Situng, KPU entered the data from the areas that won by Jokowi.

In the contrary, to the province that won by Prabowo, they intentionally slowed down the data entry. And If it is needed, they chose the city / regency, even the sub-districts that are won by Jokowi.

Abracadabra …! Through careful mapping and selection of the origin of the vote result, the data that displayed by the KPU can be exactly the same as the results from the quick count, which is 54-45 percent.

Recently, much speculation popped up and emerged on social media: don’t just trust it before it is can be validated. To prove it, please open the official KPU website and enter the Situng application. Guaranteed that you will be amazed by the work of KPU commissioners. Weird yet it’s true! How could they do that, so mean! Thinking that all Indonesians are stupid and can be fooled.

Public relations practitioner Heri Rakhmadi wrote an opinion entitled “Quick Count, Real Count KPU and Beautiful 54 Percent Figures.” In satire way he questioned why KPU’s real count data could be exactly the same as quick count?

“After it is all over the television and online news, now the 54 percent also continues to displayed on the KPU’s real count tabulation screen. Of course, this 54 percent number is pinned again for Jokowi-Ma’ruf and sometimes rose to 55 percent,” Rakhmadi wrote.

Republika journalist Harun Husein has posted twice thru his Facebook account. The first article he made is titled “Real Count Still Choose Data.”

Husein highlighted the data entry by KPU from Central and East Java which were identified for Jokowi-Ma’ruf vote. Meanwhile, the data entry from West Java and DKI Jakarta were inching in for Prabowo-Sandi.

“As a result, even though the data that already entered is 7.75 percent of the total 813,350 polling stations throughout Indonesia, the results are now matching the quick counts released by the survey institutions, as if they have been arranged and nicely played in such a way,” Husein wrote on Saturday (4/20) at 11.49 PM.

Then Harun made his second article that titled “Real Count (Still) the Taste of the Quick Count.”

“As of this Monday morning, the portion of Central Java in Real Count is still the largest, with 2.9 million votes (13.9%), followed by East Java 2.28 million votes (10.9%), West Java 1.9 million votes (9.3%), DKI Jakarta 1.2 million (5.7%), while other regions are far behind. “

When it opened on Tuesday night (23/4) at 8:20 p.m. WIB, the composition was not much different from what was written by Husein. The total percentage of votes that goes to Situng KPU is 26 percent, but in each region the percentage of result that inputted varies.

Some areas that are considered as base-area for Jokowi-Ma’ruf supporters, such as Central Java and Bali have a high result. Central Java has 21 percent, Bali 35 percent. While in the base-area of Prabowo-Sandi’s supporter, such as West Java, is only 11.5 percent, Banten is 15 percent.

City of Jakarta, which should have been inputted more faster, turned out only just 26 percent. And the interesting thing is the inputted data seems suspicious. The area identified as Jokowi-Ma’ruf “supporter-base” area such as West Jakarta was 30.7 percent. Higher than Prabowo-Sandi’s “supporter-base” area which are South Jakarta 27 percent, and East Jakarta 20 percent.

In Gambir Subdistrict, Central Jakarta where Jokowi voted, the result that has been verified is 49 percent, Menteng 50 percent. But Tanah Abang as it is Prabowo-Sandi supporting “base” is only 9.5 percent.

Rakhmadi and Hussein are not wrong. Even though they both wrote these articles in a light yet satirize tone, but the message that they’re trying to deliver is the same. They suspect the data that released by Situng KPU is “coincidentally” similar to the results of quick counts.

“Don’t make the RC data as static as QC, and be more dynamic, make zigzags moves like in the MotoGP, where there are speed-chasing and overtaking the corners scenes, so that the audience will be more enthusiastic and applauding the champion …” added Hussein.

How long can the KPU run this mind game scenario? Affect the public mind to believe that the quick count results are correct, and Prabowo loses?

Not going to last

Along with the increasing data entry, it is certain that the composition will change. Especially when the data entry from West Java (Jokowi-Ma’ruf “supporter-base”) has been finish inputted.

Don’t forget that West Java has the largest number of voters in Indonesia, 17 percent of the DPT. Situng KPU data will change very significantly and a Prabowo win is inevitable. Especially if the data results from the areas of Sumatra and Sulawesi— which are majority be won by Prabowo-Sandi— has been inputted. The scenario of public mind games is a mess.

Up to this point, we can understand why KPU has made a very consistent “error” in data input. Jokowi’s vote increased, while Prabowo’s vote diminished.

The pattern is very standard. Jokowi’s vote was inflated, and Prabowo’s vote was demolished in hundreds of polling stations. That part of the big cheating scenario.

They work in a structured, systematic and massive (TSM) way, starting from planning the whole bag of tricks and ideas, pre-implementation, the implementation, and post-implementation in the 2019 General Election. Whatever the way and regardless of the price, the important thing is Jokowi must win!

How can the KPU explain the case that happened at polling station 4, Petak Kaja, Gianyar, Bali. Jokowi’s votes results changed from 183 to 1,183, and Prabowo’s was only 2 votes. With total number results of 189 of all votes consisting of 185 valid votes and 4 invalid votes.

At No. 48 Tanah Baru polling station, Depok, West Java, Jokowi have 135 votes and Prabowo 114 votes. The invalid votes are 3 with a total of 252 voters.

But based on Situng KPU data, the votes for Jokowi-Ma’ruf is 235 votes, while for Prabowo-Sandi is 114 votes. There is 100 of inflating votes for Jokowi.

If you have time to surf online and open social media, you are guaranteed to be exhausted and overwhelmed by such “errors” by KPU in many much cases.

Jokowi’s votes result is inflating while Prabowo’s votes systematically refined.

Let’s say they added an average of 10 votes in all 800,000 polling stations, that’s already added 8 million votes, or around 8 percent of valid votes.

If they can add 100 votes like in Depok, the total is 80 million. The additional sound is 50 percent. If 1,000 votes are like in Bali, the number reaches 800 million votes. Jokowi wins 450 percent!

Make sense? “If you want to cheat, please be smarter. Or at least they also ‘play’ and inflate Prabowo’s vote results,” a joke-statement from the former KPU Commissioner Prof. Chusnul Mariyah.