Milasari Kusumo Anggraini: Boxing Entertainment for Kartini Day

Milasari Kusumo Anggraini and Verrel Dylastra with world boxing promoter Bob Arum. (Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – Female promoter Milasari Kusumo Anggraini has made a notable breakthrough. She combines boxing and entertainment by holding WO-MAN Infinite Fight Fearless Soul 2020, April 19th at Pallas SCBC, Jakarta. This event will commemorate Kartini Day as one of the inspirations for women’s empowerment.

The event will include two main rounds, namely, the women’s Bantam Junior 52.2 KG (8 rounds) boxing class, fighting for the Kartini gold belt between Felmi Sumahe (Nainggolan Gym Jakarta) versus Febriyanti Lubis (Amanatun So’e Depok) and a party of professional men No. 1 in Indonesia in the Junior Lightweight 58.9 KG class (10 rounds) between James Mokoginta, WBC Asia Champion (Nainggolan Gym, Jakarta) who will fight Jason Butar Butar, Champion National ATI (Kodam Jaya Jakarta) to compete for the Gold Belt GR (Goro).

This is not the first time the businesswoman who used to work in the world of banking and fintech has organized a boxing match. Previously, she successfully held the Magelang Big Fight 2018 Professional Boxing Championship under the banner of V’s Boxing Promotion that she founded.

WO-MAN Infinite Fight Fearless Soul 2020 will hold six rounds that will be combined with musical entertainment from renowned Indonesian musicians Ari Lasso and Paul Latumahina.

“We want to find the potential of Indonesian professional boxers who can deliver spectacular achievements in the world,” Milasari said in her press statement.

“Our concept is to raise the boxing match not only as an exciting and interesting spectacle but also with an artistic element, so young people, parents, and families can have fun and be happy watching it,” she added.

Milasari likes boxing because of the influence of her parents. “My late Papa was my first influencer. He idolized Muhammad Ali and I often accompanied him to watch boxing,” said her.

Milasari’s love for boxing became even greater after one of her sons, Verrel Dylastra, pursued an amateur boxing career while studying in the United States. Verrel even had a chance to become a runner-up in Golden Gloves California, plus several other achievements.

“I love boxing more after seeing Verrel’s development. His daily character and education are getting better when he is disciplined in boxing,” she said. Verrel’s academic scores even went up, though boxing training was very heavy and time-consuming.

“So, I want the image of a boxer in Indonesia to be successful in education and simultaneously to have good character or attitude,” added Milasari.

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