Mikha Tambayong: Paying attention to what she eats

Mikha Tamboyang chooses to sleep or finishes assignments to fill the time between filming. (photo: Instagram @miktambayong)

IO – Although still young, actor Mikha Tamboyang is already very conscious of her health. She has been active in Bikram Yoga and boxing for three years now. “Five times a week. I alternate. One day Bikram, another day boxing. So, (my) exercise isn’t just cardio or weightlifting – it’s balanced. I like Bikram because it’s simultaneously a detox,” said Mikha during a press conference titled “Road to World Heart Day 2019” held by the Indonesia Heart Foundation (Yayasan Jantung Indonesia – “YJI”) in Jakarta, Saturday, August 31.

Other than exercising, Mikha also makes sure she eats well. “Before, my private trainer told me: exercising without paying attention to consumption is useless. I watch which nutrients I consume. I eat mostly at home as the people at home know what I like. Every day I drink juice; fruit juice, vegetable juice. The colors are strange; sometimes black, sometimes pink, but it helps a lot as I don’t get enough sleep,” she said.

On maintaining a healthy heart and blood vessels, Mikha admitted she learned much after joining YJI. “In (my) surrounding environment, family, extended family, many have died from heart disease but before I wasn’t very aware. Throughthe Indonesia Heart Foundation, I became aware that the heart is now a problem for the Millennial generation which isn’t living healthily. Because of complaints (of heart pain) in the stomach, we are biased to think those are only ulcer problems,” she said.

According to Mikha, when filming, most of her colleagues spend their free time smoking or eating fried foods even though smoking and eating high cholesterol food increases the risk of heart disease.

“Usually they smoke so they don’t get bored. Fortunately, until now, at age 25, I haven’t started smoking. To fill the time, I usually chose to sleep or finish assignments.”

In celebration of World Heart Day 2019, the Indonesia Heart Foundation will hold a Jakarta Heart Bike race in Jakarta, Palembang, and Tanjung Pinang on September 29 with a distance of 20 km. (Est)