Mien Uno emphasizes the importance of integrity

Mien Uno gives hooks to support many people. (photo: IO/Yoga)

IO – As if it were flowing in her blood, Mien Uno could never stray far from the world of education. As a result of her concern for the large number of students who are forced to drop out because of financial troubles, together with her husband, Razif Halik Uno, Mien established the Mien R. Uno Foundation (MRUF) in 2000. 

“I feel sorry for the students who have to drop out. They must stay in university so they can improve the standard of their and their family’s lives,” said Mien when met in Jakarta, Wednesday (18/9/2019). 

MRUF has for eleven years given funding to students to pursue their Bachelor’s Degree through its Entrepreneur Development Scholarship for Youth (ENVOY) program. 

As of now, ENVOY has helped create 300 alumni all across Indonesia. The hope of the May 23, 1941, born woman is that many people will be moved to follow MRUF’s steps. “Give them a fish they will live for a day. Give them a hook; they will live longer. Give them the knowledge to make a hook; they will support even more people.” 

“For me personally, there must be more people doing things like this. Alhamdulillah, now they have begun to increase. We don’t use a franchise model or anything, they are free to adopt the ENVOY concept as our main aim is to build character, so the nation’s future is better,” said the mother of Sandiaga Uno. 

Mien admitted she has led a happy life. Perhaps that is what makes her so agile despite her age. Mien also exercises 20 minutes a day, consisting of both breathing exercises and weight lifting. “As long as it’s related to strengthening the body. I don’t pay attention to my food, but at my age, I eat less and less,” she said. 

Mien hopes that Indonesia will have a better future. “We must emphasize the importance of integrity. We must be able to act fairly, must not lie, must not cheat. Integrity must be the principle of everyone.” 

Agreed, Mien! (est)