Mexican Cinema Day: Screening ‘Sacúdete las Penas’ in Jakarta

(photo: IO/Raihan)

IO, Jakarta – As Mexico celebrate their ‘Mexican Cinema Day’ (15/8), the Embassy of Mexico to Indonesia invites an Indonesian audience and media journalists to watch the film ‘Sacudete las Penas’, at Empu Sendok Arts Station (ESAS), Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. That date is the perfect time to celebrate their cinema of cultural to different audiences.

Mexico boasts a long history of cinematic tradition and success. Its golden age lasted from the 1930s to the 1950s, and spawned indelible figures such as María Felíx, Dolores del Río and Pedro Infante.

Lately many Mexicans have made ​​inroads into Hollywood. Personalities the likes of Alfonso Cuarón, Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu and Guillermo del Toro have been recognized abroad because of the quality of their film productions.

For the movie screening in ESAS, Sacúdete las Penas (2018), takes place in the 1950s, tells a story of Pepe Frituras, one of the most famous Mexican dancers who lost his freedom because of a party night, ending up at Lecumberri Palace, the most dangerous prison in the country at that time. He ends up in the toughest correctional facility. He tells the stories of how he won his freedom through his imagination.

This film was directed by Andres Ibañez Diaz Infante, who has won advertising prizes in Internationalist Media Awards, Festival of Media Global and Latam, IAB Mexico, and Cannes Lions nominee for the “Diary of a Castaway” campaign for Ciel.

He’s also a Winner of three MTV awards for the video clips Zoé “Vía Lactea” and Subdivision “Blueboy”, and nominated to the Latin Grammys in 2017. He was selected in several international film festivals for his short film “Colors” filmed in New York. (Raihan)