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Menko PMK urges bansos done by end February


IO – To follow up on President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s instruction to expedite the distribution of social assistance or bansos in 2022, the Government targets distribution to be completed by the end of February. 

“The Social Affairs Ministry, the Villages Ministry and the Education and Culture Ministry must fast-track the distribution of the 2022 bansos during the last two weeks of February,” said Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture (Menko PMK) Muhadjir Effendy at the 2022 Bansos Acceleration Ministerial Meeting, Thursday (2/17/2022). 

Menko PMK urges all parties involved to be committed to overseeing bansos distribution. The data, administrative processes, and regulatory adjustments must have been completed by the first week of February. In particular, the Home Ministry was assigned to form a task force to ensure that local governments could realize bansos acceleration. Similarly, the National Armed Forces and the National Police are requested to monitor bansos distribution, especially in challenging areas. 

Menko PMK also emphasized the importance of socialization through information media. Bansos recipients or their families should know how much and when they will receive of a welfare provision. The bansos must be immediately used for their daily basic needs. 

“The social assistance managed by the Social Affairs Ministry, called the ‘Staple Food Package Program’ and the ‘Family Hope Program’ (PKH), must be received by the community before March 2022, according to the distribution acceleration steps prepared by the Social Affairs Ministry,” said Muhadjir. 

Bansos distribution acceleration involves several steps. The banks will distribute the first phase of PKH starting on Feb. 21, 2022. Meanwhile, the staple food package, known as sembako, program will be distributed through PT Pos in whole for the period of January to March. The sembako distribution starts on Feb. 22, 2022. 

Social assistance managed by the Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration (Des PDTT) Ministry will also be expedited. Des PDTT Minister Abdul Halim Iskandar stated that the disbursement of village cash transfers (BLT Desa) would be sped up and given in a lump sum. This acceleration is also a mentoring process for the disbursement of the village budget (APBDes), especially regarding the 40% minimum limit. 

“In terms of the 40% limit of village cash transfers in several regions, the Home Ministry and Des PDTT Ministry will communicate as soon as possible, to speed up disbursement. Furthermore, the National Government Internal Auditor (BPKP) also needs to issue settlement instructions regarding this matter,” he said. 

For the Smart Indonesia Program (PIP), Muhadjir also stressed the need to accelerate disbursement, carefully selecting the budget allocation that can be immediately disbursed and ensuring that funds are used appropriately. He also requested resolutions to problems that hinder PIP distribution, such as synchronizing student identification numbers that do not match the education register (Dapodik) and population and civil register (Dukcapil) and creating a regulation on indirect disbursement that requires authorization. 

The State-Owned Enterprises Minister was requested to guarantee the readiness of bansos distributors: banks and PT Pos, and conduct a daily evaluation of their performance in the second half of February. 2021 social assistance should also be completed as quickly as possible. 

“Himbara Bank and the Sharia Bank of Indonesia (BSI) together with the regional governments, must immediately conclude the 2021 social assistance that has not been distributed and ensure its completion no later than February 2022,” Muhadjir said. (eka)


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