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Meningitis vaccination recommended for Umrah
pilgrims with comorbidities


Jakarta, IO – According to Circular Number HK.02.02/C.I/9325/2022 concerning the Implementation of Meningitis Vaccination for Hajj and Umrah Pilgrims, issued on 11 November 2022, the Ministry of Health has stipulated that meningitis vaccination is no longer mandatory for candidate umrah pilgrims. It is now only mandatory for hajj pilgrims. 

Even though it is optional, meningitis meningococcus vaccination, along with others, is still strongly recommended for pilgrims with comorbid illnesses, and can be obtained in health facilities that provide international vaccination services. Ultimately, all vaccination is meant to protect us from communicable diseases – especially during pilgrimages, where people from around the world crowd very densely in one spot. 

“In view of the importance of meningitis vaccination in the protection from and prevention against this dangerous illness, we continue to strongly recommend this vaccination for pilgrims who suffer from comorbidities,” declared Ministry of Health Spokesman dr. Muhammad Syahril in Jakarta, Monday (14/11/2022). 


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