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Mella, Olive, and Sophie win best presentation in National Business Plan Competition 2020


IO, Bogor – An IPB University Vocational School student team managed to secure a Best Presentation in National Business Plan Competition 2020, Yogyakarta State University, (5-6/6). The team consisted of Mella Aprilia (Aquaculture Production Technology and Management Study Program), Olive Afifah Azzahra (Food Quality Assurance Surveyor Study Program) and Sophie Muhibatul Anwar (Industry Management Study Program); these three successfully mastered the competition, winning over 21 other teams from various campuses across Indonesia. 

The team presented its work with the title “Boosting, Baronang Fish Prevent Stunting (Boosting, Ikan Baronang Cegah Stunting)”, Mella said to IPB University Public Relations, Monday (6/8/2020) that this competition is intended for the food processing industry. Their business plan was to process baronang fish into seasoned baronang packed in vacuum to give added value, increase shelf life and make distribution easier. 

“We’re very happy, and this competition is really challenging since it was supposed to be done offline in UNY but due to the pandemic, the competition has to be done online. This is a new experience for us, having to prepare everything long distance, practicing our presentations and actually doing it online. We suffered much unease along the way, from inefficient practice to weak support, but all of that has now become a new, fun and invaluable experience, from which we learned that we are able to create even in these tough times,” she said. 

Meutia hopes that the product boosting can manifest into a real prospective business, all the time while helping the public. “Other than that, we hope to be able to win other business plan competitions to add to our experience and measure our capacities,” she concluded. (*/est) 


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