Meko: A sand island in the middle of the East Flores sea

Called “Pasir Timbul”, which means arisen sand, is a mound of sand in the middle of the ocean, like a small island without any inhabitants. It has an area of around 1 km2 and is made of destroyed coral. (photo: Pramitha Hendra)

IO – Maybe if you hear the name “East Flores Regency” (Flotim) which is in East Nusa Tenggara, it immediately resonates in your head, namely Semana Santa celebration in Larantuka. However, Flotim has a destination that is no less beautiful, starting from sunset, to a stretch of sand arising in the middle of the sea near the Meko Hamlet, Witihama District, Adonara Island, East Flores Regency. Local residents named it Pasir Timbul Meko, named after arising sand, because there was a sand dune in the middle of the sea, like a small uninhabited island. The area is less than 1 square kilometer. The white sand is slightly pink in contrast to the color of the turquoise sea.

The pink sand comes from broken coral. This beauty looks perfect with a combination of lush green islands. There were no waves on the sand beach, only small ripples that swept over the soft white sand, if the tides were high, the island would sink. However, the beauty of Timbul Meko Sand must be paid for with a long journey. From the port of Pelni Larantuka in the City of Larantuka, we cross to the port of Tubilota on Adonara Island. From there tourists can board a motorbike for a price of IDR 5 thousand with a travel time of approximately 10 minutes.

Then, cross Adonara Island. Car rental can also be a great way to get to Meko. Because the lack of public transportation and travel distance is a very good reason if you rent a car because it takes about 2 hours to arrive at Meko Hamlet. In the village of Meko inhabited by Bajo tribes whose livelihood is as fishermen. They live daily from fish catches, using small canoes, they spread nets to catch fish.

Villagers there can take us to Pasir Timbul Meko. We can rent a local fishing boat at a price of Rp. 400 thousand. On the way to the island, we will be treated to a view that is equally beautiful. Tourists will cross the Meko Sea where the water is very clear. Along the way we will see colorful coral reefs. While during the trip we will be treated to a beautiful panorama surrounded by mountains and hills. If we look behind, tourists will see Ile (Gunung) Boleng. On the left and right side there is the Sandosi Hill and Lembata, while in the front, there is a volcano.

Accessibility, heading to Pasir Timbul Meko can go through the City of Larantuka which can be reached by two flights from Kupang, in the morning using Transnusa and Afternoon using Wings Air. Take via Maumere by traveling 4 hours overland can be an alternative trip to Larantuka. Related to Amenitas or tourism support facilities such as hotels and restaurants that provide security and comfort for tourists also have grown. (Pramitha Hendra)