Megawati: Politics means “tears and laughter with the people”

Megawati, as the General Chairperson of PDIP, offered many examples. One of them was by cherishing plants and nature around them. (Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – Secretary-General of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP), Hasto Kristiyanto conveyed the message of the Chairperson Megawati Soekarnoputri to PDIP cadres in South Tangerang. Hasto said that January 23 was Megawati’s birthday and many things that were taught by her touched the entire lives of the Indonesian people. “According to Megawati, politics means tears and laughter with the people,” said Hasto at the PDIP’s Offices of South Tangerang, Sunday (01/26/2020) night. 

According to Hasto, Megawati, as the General Chairperson of PDIP, offered many examples. One of them was by cherishing plants and nature around them. Therefore, the party wants to give a special present to the fifth Indonesian President, namely, to launch a movement to love the earth, and that is still being done in all provinces. “We present to Mrs. Megawati the movement to plant trees, clean rivers, not to litter, live cleanly, to love life so that nature is happy,” Hasto explained. 

According to him, next February 2, the PDI-P cadres along with several legislative officials will plant trees along the Citarum River. “The party cadres and members of the legislature are protecting the river as the path of our civilization,” he said. 

The politician from Yogyakarta realized that many people were sneering at the PDIP movement to clean up the river. Hasto stressed that if nature was polluted, life would not work. Therefore, efforts to protect the environment and reforestation are values held by the PDIP. According to him, politics is not only a matter of power, but politics without a sense of love for the land is also of no use. “So, around 3 kilometers of the river must be replanted,” said the UGM alumnus. 

In his remarks, Chairman PDIP South Tangerang, Wanto Sugito said cadres and sympathizers gathered today were proof that the PDIP in South Tangerang was large, commemorating the 47th birthday of the party, while remembering what Bung Karno taught regarding JASMERAH (Red Suit) which is not to forget history. “Therefore, we must all be aware of what Bung Karno said. The ups and downs of the struggle of the PDIP party which fought hard to become a big party as it is now,” he said. 

“I challenge the candidates of the South Tangerang PDIP cadres to win the hearts of the people of South Tangerang in the upcoming elections. Whoever is later recommended by PDIP is asked to be ready to win in the upcoming elections,” he added. 

In this event, a member of PDIP Central Leadership, Ribka Tjiptaning, was also present. So was South Tangerang Mayor Airin Rachmi Diany, accompanied by her deputy, Benjamin Davnie. Present also the Speaker of South Tangerang Regional House of Representatives (DPRD) Abdul Rasyid and a former Speaker of Banten’s House of Representatives, Asep Rahmatullah. The event was filled with morning exercises, free medical check-ups for the people, planting a hundred trees and holding a Bung Karno Speech Contest. There was also a documentary film about the speech of the Chairperson of the PDIP Party, Megawati Soekarnoputri, and a documentary film about former Presiden Soekarno. (Dan)