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Mayora Indah and Del Institute of Technology establish cooperation in water hyacinth utilization


Jakarta, IO – PT Mayora Indah, Tbk and Del Institute of Technology supported by the Coordinating Maritime Affairs and Investment Ministry (Kemenko Marves) signed a symbolic collaboration on the utilization of water hyacinth at Lake Toba Super Priority Tourism Destination (DPSP) at Mayora Group head office, Jakarta, Friday (8/7).

PT. Mayora Indah, Tbk and Del Institute of Technology are working together to build a facility to process water hyacinth into liquid and solid fertilizer. This will have a positive impact in reducing the water hyacinth growth in Lake Toba. Water hyacinth, a type of aquatic weed that often pollutes waterway can be turned into fertilizer to meet the needs of farmers in the Toba, North Sumatra. This cooperation in the utilization and processing of water hyacinth is also supported by the Toba regency administration.

Kemenko Marves endeavors to carry out its duties to coordinate, synchronize, and control in making Lake Toba DPSP a quality and sustainable tourism destination. The existence of water hyacinth has been a concern for various parties considering that it can multiply rapidly from 100m2 to double that in just seven days.

“Our big goal is to make Lake Toba a quality destination. In that context, we need to pay close attention to everything that hinders progress toward that direction. With regard to water hyacinth, we really see that it ruins the aesthetics of the lake so we welcome the collaboration between PT Mayora Indah, Tbk and Del Institute of Technology. We hope that this program can improve the view of the lake while at the same time provide added value in the form of organic fertilizer to the community,” said Kosmas Harefa, Assistant Deputy for Sustainable Tourism Development.


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