Maudy: Everyone can play multiple roles at the same time

Maudi Ayunda
Maudy Ayunda was introduced as the official spokesperson for Indonesia’s G20 Presidency. (Ummamah Nisa/IO)

“I was afraid that I could not fully fulfil my responsibility because I believe that it has to be done by the right person. The focus is on reaching the millennials and Gen Z by making the message more down to earth and easily understandable. I will try to do my best. With my educational background, this is also an opportunity to apply what I have learned,” she added.

In her new role, Maudy will take part in a flurry of G20 meetings and activities. Every week she will learn new things. She said she would use social media as an effective medium to convey the G20 messages.

“Whatever I can do and contribute for my country Indonesia, I will definitely do it,” she said with a pride. (un)